How Neem can be good for skin and hair?

How Neem can be good for skin and hair?

Neem is a very powerful ingredient especially when it comes to skin care. This is a very essential ingredient which is used in many natural skin care products because they are very much effective.

One can always use no scars neem extract face wash if they are suffering from pimples or acne because they can not only lighten the scars but can also prevent them from happening. Here are some major uses that one can put neem into so that they can get a better skin.

For moisturisation

Neem leaves can moisturise the skin really well. They can make the skin soft and supple. It has a lot of anti fungal and anti anti bacterial properties and they can not only lighten the scar marks on the skin but can also remove the pigmentation that are caused by the acne. Neem leaves can also cure the pimples that can happen on skin. One can easily make a decoction of neem leaves and apply it on the pimples in order to cure it and get smooth skin. One can mix neem leaves paste with turmeric and apply it on the body in order to get a perfect and glowing body.

For skin toning

Neem leaves can be used to make a good toner out of it. One can boil some neem leaves and then dip the cotton ball into it to wipe the face with it every day. It is best if one can do that before going to bed and let it be overnight. This can clear the scars, acnes, blackheads and pigmentation. One can also make a face pack out of it. Boil some neem leaves and add some orange peel in it. Then also add some honey, milk and yogurt in it to form a smooth paste. One has to leave it on the face till it dries and then wash it lukewarm water.

For hair and scalp

If one is suffering from hair and scalp issues then one can boil a cup pf fresh neem leaves and use it on a regular basis o wash their hair after shampooing their hair. This can treat the dryness of the scalp and can reduce hair fall. If one is facing dandruff issues then it can also treat that. One can get a healthy scalp by using it.

As eye wash

Neem leaves can be boiled and then should be left for at least 10 minutes. Once it cools down one can use to wash their eyes if they are suffering from irritation in their eyes and conjunctivitis. It can soothe the eyes and fight the infection.

Healthy nails

Neem is very effective in treating nail ailments. If one can apply neem oil on the affected area more than once a day then it can easily cure any fungal nail infection.

One can get face wash with neem extracts and apply it on face on a regular basis till the acne and scars lightens and gradually fade away by giving a clear skin in return.

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