How Much Does It Cost To Assemble A Treadmill

Gym subscription fees can be expensive. You might be considering installing a treadmill in your own home and have better workout sessions. It sounds like a great idea, but some questions are plaguing your mind.

Is it challenging to assemble a treadmill, and can I assemble it by myself? How much does it cost to assemble it? Are treadmill assembly services cheaper?

Don’t worry as this article will try to answer your questions. We’ll identify some factors that affect treadmill assembly costs and help give you a rough idea of the costs involved.

Is It Difficult to Assemble a Treadmill?

If you’re attempting to assemble a treadmill on your own without any prior experience, it can be a difficult task, especially if you bought an expensive or complicated treadmill.

While treadmills often come with their instruction manuals to guide you on how to set it up, working alone has its limits. Treadmills are heavy, and lugging it around, or the parts alone can prove difficult and can easily strain you.

With prior experience and someone to help with the heavy lifting, the job becomes much more manageable, provided you have a set space to set up the treadmill in your home.

If you want to avoid the difficulty altogether, simply hire a treadmill assembly service to do it for you. While it may cost more money, it’s the easiest way to assemble a treadmill.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Assembling a Treadmill?

Several factors can both increase or decrease the costs of assembling a treadmill. You’ll need to examine these to get a good idea of how much money you might be spending. The factors to keep in mind are:


Aside from the initial cost of buying the treadmill, the treadmill itself will directly affect how much you might spend on assembling it. More expensive treadmills are usually complex and have lots of parts that might need to be attached.

Some of these parts might require you to buy more tools to attach them, increasing the costs. Also, more complex treadmills often charge higher prices on their assembly service.


Treadmill assembly requires various tools to set them up, including screwdrivers to tighten multiple nuts and bolts. If you don’t keep a stack of tools in your house or don’t use them very often, a high percentage of the assembly cost might come from buying all the necessary tools.

Although if you have all the necessary tools and are okay at using them, then you’ll save yourself quite a bit of money both from not buying the means and not having to hire an assembly service.

Assembly Service

If the treadmill you’re purchasing offers assembly service, you might be willing to have them ship it to your house and assemble it for a price. The service fee itself varies. It can depend on the treadmill as more complex treadmills are challenging to assemble and charge a higher price.

The price range for assembly services ranges anywhere from 80 dollars to 120 or even 150 dollars at times. However, the people who assemble the treadmills come with their tools for the task, and you won’t have to spend a dime on any of the tools, thus saving you money.

Is Hiring an Assembly Service Always the Cheaper Option?

Not necessarily. Some treadmills in the 500 to 600 dollar range are simple enough to install (some of them only need you to attach the monitor, and you’re good to go).

You can borrow some tools from a friend and have them help, and you’ll probably save yourself around 80 to 100 dollars that would have been spent on hiring some people to assemble it for you.

If you have the means and tools to assemble a treadmill, it’s always better to have a family member or friend help you out in setting it up. However, the benefit of having professionals assemble it for you is that there is little to no risk of improper setup and the machine being unsafe.

If you’re assembling it on your own, be sure to check that every screw is tightened correctly and there are no loose parts.


It is difficult to judge how much money you’ll spend on the tools since that will require knowing your inventory. But expect to spend around 80 to 120 dollars if you’re hiring an assembly service. There are usually no extra costs involved if you pay for treadmill assembly services.

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