How Fast Do Planet Fitness Treadmills Go?

It goes without saying that planet fitness is a pretty popular gym. There are plenty of outlets, and usually, the plans are pretty cheap. But does that mean that they have a lack of equipment?

Another thing that people worry about before enrolling in one of their plans is the planet fitness treadmill speed. As the plans are pretty affordable, it is pretty normal to think that their equipment is inferior. But is that really the case?

Well, you will get all of the answers in this article. We have a planet fitness username and a membership card, which we used to investigate all about the gym. So, without further ado, let us get into describing what we found out.

What Are the Rules of Planet Fitness?

Before we describe the treadmills and other equipment that the gym has, we would like to ensure that you know about the rules that are associated with the gym.

And most of the rules are what you would expect a gym to implement, such as not disrespecting others, using the equipment accordingly, and all.

But there is one rule that seemed pretty much stupid to us: no grunting at planet fitness. The gyms even have sensors that measure the grunts.

If you grunt around one of them, it will light up the alarm and make a loud noise, which will get all the eyes on you.

Doesn’t that sound stupid? Well, we get it that many of the avid gym-goers are pretty serious about pushing themselves to the absolute limit, which is why they grunt while lifting.

But isn’t that something that all of the gym-goers do? Push themselves to the limit and increase the threshold?

Nonetheless, as all the other rules seem valid, we really did not care that much about this planet fitness no lunks rule.

All About Plane Fitness Treadmills

The rest of the equipment is up to par. But people seem to have a less amount interest in them before getting into the planet fitness. What they most like to know about is treadmills. That is why in this segment, we are going to talk all about it.


Most of the models that are available in planet fitness are relatively modern. They have a good amount of adjustability options that will let you modify the workout session accordingly.

Usually, the planet fitness treadmill incline to a certain amount, and it will be possible to make your cardio session more intensive.


As most people go for cardio, it will be hard for someone to find an empty treadmill in peak hours. But during the other times, one of them will surely be available for use.

However, there is a planet fitness treadmill time limit. The treadmills go to a cooldown mode after one hour of use. That means you will only be able to use them for an hour continuously.

But the case will be a bit different for the planet fitness 9 mile treadmills. The staff will override the time limit and allow you to use it until the 9 miles goal is achieved.


One thing that most ask is are planet fitness treadmills accurate or not. Well, that will depend on the console of the units.

If the console is working correctly, it should offer precise data. But it is always a good idea to measure the burnt calories manually.


Let us talk about the star of the show, which is speed. Well, it is possible to jog properly with the planet fitness treadmill speed interval settings. And you can bump up the speed substantially to run on the lane.

That being said, the maximum speed of these treadmills is up to the mark. In other words, you can expect them to reach the speed of a regular maximum speed.

Other Features

Another thing that people want to know is do planet fitness treadmills weigh you or not. The answer would be no. The whole gym does not have a weight machine.

They believe that people should not worry about their weight when they are coming to the gym.

Nonetheless, the treadmills do have other features, including custom speed and an automatic speed changing mechanism. Using those, you can get the most intense cardio session and will be able to burn loads of calories.

Final Words

To conclude, the planet fitness treadmill speed is basically up to par. They can go exceptionally fast, and there is an option to make them run reasonably slow as well.  So, it will be possible to get a proper cardio session with them.

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