These Are the Hottest Summer Hair Colors for Curly Hair

Looking to transform your curly hair with a new hair color? With so many hair trends to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide on your new hair color for summer 2020. Here are some of our favorite curly hair color ideas for 2020.

Curly Hair style for summer

  1. Caramel Ombre

This natural look dark brown to caramel ombre hair works particularly well with olive and dark skin tones. The two dimensional color can really enhance the texture of waves, plus the dark roots makes this hair color super low maintenance. Thanks to the seamless transition between low lights and highlights, ombré grows out naturally without the need for high levels of maintenance.  


 Caramel Ombre

2.Bronde Balayage

The hair color is the perfect glow natural look for the summer. It’s created by mixing blonde and brown multi-toned highlights through the curls. This base will look very natural and will enhance your curls. Balyage is a very tricky technique that require bleaching, this is why we recommend visiting a specialist. If you have darker hair, this will technique will take longer. 

Rose Gold Ombre Curly Hair

3.Rose Gold Ombre

Rose gold ombre looks amazing on all skin tone and is a fantastic way of adding a warm color to curls. If you are a natural blonde, rose gold color will blend into your natural blonde and will fade to a stunning pastel color. The shade of rose is a little more dusky and grown up than the pastel pink and lavender’s we were rocking last summer.

Honey Blonde Curly hair
Honey Blonde Curly hair

4. Midtone Blonde

The midtone blonde is perfect for women looking for a low maintenance hair color for curly hair. The key to mastering this style is to concentrate the brightness around the face, this will give the illusion of light hair without the time-consuming and damaging upkeep. Foiling the hairline and using the balyage technique on the tips will create a natural dimension to your hair’s texture. 

Midtone Blonde
Midtone Blonde

5.Honey Blonde

The lived in golden toned blonde isn’t going anywhere this summer season. Golden blonde suits all skin types, but be careful when lifting your base color lighter than two shades. Use a violet shampoo to ensure your curls stay honey blonde rather than a brassy orange. We recommend requesting a few highlights in paler shades and lowlights in brown hues


Blue ombre curly hair

 Classic blue is the Pantone color of 2020. Blue is a versatile shade that can add dimension and suit all types of skin tone. Light pastel blues can be ombred into blonde hair and dark hair can appear more glossy with a hint of dark blue run through it. The bold hue is ideal for those wanting to transition out of platinum blonde hair because the ashy tone will help neutralize and mask any golden tones.


7.Burnt red

Burnt red

Auburn, or red brown is ideal if you have naturally dark hair and want to switch it up without taking the plunge. Rich red brown hair suits all skin tones and can be paired with highlights and undertones to perfectly suit your complexion. Copper toned reds and warm gingery hues will add vibrancy to, especially after the winter weather, which can leave hair looking flat and dull. 


8.Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown

Give brown hair depth with this rich and deep chocolate brown shade. Add lighter brown highlights to stop the color falling flat and define your curls further. This tone can be customized to fit your complexion, with cooler and warmer tones looking equally as stunning and on trend.

9. Coral

Coral curly hair color

Pantone dubbed coral the color of the year for 2019, describing it as “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone.” The natural progression of this shade was as a hair color for 2020. The tone sits between orange and pink, the perfect mix of two hair trends we have been loving. The golden undertone will make blue and green eyes pop, plus it will make brown eyes look even warmer.


10. Buttercream Blonde 

Buttercream Blonde

A natural creamy blonde with warm hues, this summer take on blonde looks less harsh and more sleek. It’s a super wearable shade of blonde that suits all complexions and can be worn all year round. This low maintenance shade is the perfect option if you are transitioning between blonde and brunette. Ask for brighter pieces around your face with pops of lightness through the tip of hair, and highlights through the crown to get a natural lived in feel.

Bronde Balayage

Those are just some of Indique curly hair color ideas for 2020. Curly can handle bold, lively shades as well as the more natural tones. Every curl is different, and every curly girl has a different style. Remember to think about your eye color, skin tone and curl pattern when choosing your next hair color.

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