Find The Protection You Seek With Self Defense Keychain

Find The Protection You Seek With Self Defense Keychain

In this unpredictable world where anything can happen at any time, it’s every man for himself. Especially when it comes to ensuring personal safety against crime and harassment, being on your guard is necessary.

How do you deal with something like that? You suit up, or in this case, chain up! Other than fancy and dangerous gadgets like guns, the personal defense can be easy and uncomplicated. Buy a self defense tool like a simple keychain weapon.

What Is A Self Defense Keychain?

By its very definition, a Self Defense Keychain allows the carrier to protect themselves from attack and crime in emergencies.

  • A self-defense keychain is a small offensive weapon that can fit on something as small as a keychain.
  • A weapon on a self defense ring is easy to carry and put in your pocket, purse or car keys so they’re always close to you.
  • There are many types of small weapons that can fit on a key-ring, including blades, claws and tasers.

What Types Of Defense Keychain Are There?

Depending on the need of the hour and the kind of movement you have, there will be a weapon more suited to you. Keychains are the most common and discreet things to carry around, that is why they are also not noticed. This creates an advantage for the self defense keychain carrier to surprise their attackers with a weapon when needed.

  • Cat self defense keychain

    To avoid suspicion and keep a discreet weapon close, keychains are made with objects like cat ears. They seem harmless at first, but the ears are shaped like blades and can be used to defend against attack in robberies and pursuit.

  • Brass knuckle keychain

    Knuckle-shaped little fists are also fitted onto keychains to act as self defense weapons. In the case of attack, you can retrieve your keychain and hit someone to deter them.

  • Pepper spray keychain

    This is a very common and popular women’s self defense keychain weapon. It is highly effective and requires minimum contact. These sprays are also fitted into key rings so they can be carried anywhere you go.

  • Knife keychain

    This might be the most common type of keyring weapon. There are hundreds of pocket knives that are sharp but small enough to fit onto keychains. If you’re in an emergency, these knives can be drawn out to defend yourself.

Is Cat Self Defense Keychain Illegal?

  • Popularly; dog and kitty self defense keychain is illegal in California and Missouri because it’s equivalent to claws and brass knuckles.
  • That is one reason that they are considered illegal, but they are definitely allowed as self-defense weapons if they are smaller than 3 inches in claw or blade size.
  • Given how much personal defense weapons help people in danger, there are exceptions made to individual cases of self defense.

What Are The Best Self Defense Keychains?

  • Black Skull Plastic Knuckle with Key Ring

    This demonic skull keychain is easy to conceal and camouflage as a wearable accessory. Keep it close in public spaces and late-night social events to ward off potential harassers.

  • Black Wolf Self Defense Keychain Knuckle

    If you travel alone or move around at night, keep this wolf-ear keychain close. It’s small and powerful to make a quick getaway.

  • Master USA 7 Inch Overall Kubaton with Stain Blade Gold 

    This one easily looks like a laser pointed or pen. Hang this in your keys and move around any time of the day without hesitation. How can you use a cat keychain?

While men might have a greater shot at defending themselves under attack or against crime; women are not that fortunate. The nature of crimes committed against women is intimidating and most choose not to fight back.

But with something like a cat defense keychain, women can carry one without drawing attention to them. Usually, they will find themselves in a situation where they have to escape or fight back. Something like this claw key ring can help them disarm, deter and injure their attackers. Here are some simple ways to use a self-defense cat keychain effectively:

  • When approached from the front, retrieve your cat keychain to scratch the attacker in the neck or face.
  • If attacked from behind, the keychain can help stab your attacker and run in the opposite direction.
  • If someone tries to corner you, use your free hand to jam the cat keychain in their ear.
  • All these moves require the presence of mind; make sure that you invest in practising with your keychain weapon.

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