Elliptical vs. Peloton! How Are They Different?

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M Rok is a popular Editor who has been writing online for over 10 years. He has a loyal following of readers who enjoy his...

Editor at - Cialishuk

M Rok is a popular Editor who has been writing online for over 10 years. He has a loyal following of readers who enjoy his...

They almost look similar – it hurts my eyes! That does not mean the peloton and elliptical are the same!

Oh no, they are, in no way, the same peas in a pod. Even the structural design is different, which I will tell you more about later.

The point is you want to get an elliptical vs. peloton overview and cannot find anything relevant to work with. Thank your good instincts to have brought you to this article.

I will confer the whys and how’s – ones that have been burning in your mind for quite some time, I suppose. Trust me, we all have that demon! I was no different.

So, shall we begin?

Elliptical Vs. Peloton – Let’s Settle the Score for Good!

The short version entails aiming for a peloton that turns out to be the best equipment. However, a person with a certain ailment but a keen fitness goal can opt for an elliptical. 

Joints and Muscles Impact

First, learn the difference between high and low-impact exercises. Training that necessitates body weight against equipment or training surface is high-impact.

Once you do not require reverberating, the equipment or the training surface using your feet is low-impact.

Now, let me take you to the main course. Ellipticals are low-impact machines, meaning the joint and muscle impacts are minimized as you exercise on them. An elliptical ensures sure footing due to the strapping.

It lets the user continue stepping without worrying about sudden acceleration.

On the other hand, the peloton is a piece of high-impact exercise equipment. As a result, the workout will be intense with inconsistent motion based on your knee-jerking movement.

The pace is determined by the user. Hence, you will sweat till there is no swear left to be out. Therefore, I suggest sitting out on this one if you experience any ache or injury.

Otherwise, the peloton is the winner for being such a passionate trainer that tones your body and strengthens the bones.

Worked Up Muscles

Do you know which unit influences your muscles the most? The peloton bike works on the body parts depending on the inclination angle you choose during the session.

It focuses loosely on the upper body, where the shoulders, arms, back, chest, and torso engage in the exercise as you hold on to the handlebars.

Cycling helps your knees and hips to achieve a fantastic workout, especially when inclined at an angle or standing. It also bears excellent outcomes for the back leg muscles.

Even hopping on the bike alters the quads and hamstrings from weak to stronger, toned, and powerful. As you can guess, the trainer is an incredible high-impact machine for lower body parts.

In comparison, the elliptical lets you concentrate on the whole body structure, thanks to the movable handlebars. It provides a complete body workout as you pull and push with your hands while paddling simultaneously.

The whole process comprises a beneficial stretch for the full body.

Nevertheless, my opinion still picks the peloton bike because of the intensive effect you attain for strengthening the body parts. 

Calorie Burns

But what burns more calories, elliptical or peloton? The answer relies on the user’s weight and the workout session.

The fact remains unchanged where more weighing equates to more calorie burns. Furthermore, the technique of flexing and engaging the muscles, HIIT or not, will also depend on this factor.

For example, suppose you weigh 200 lbs. Will you lose the same calorie on a peloton as on an elliptical? That is the main question.

The answer is yes. Why do you think so? Cycling along with HIIT training helps maintain consistent intensity, frequency, and timing. It causes to lose approx. 822 calories/hour (given the pace set at 5-mph).

An elliptical will also burn significantly similar calories as it engages both the lower and upper body. Choosing moderate intensity and resistance can help you lose about 800 calories (if you weigh 200 lbs.).

So, both trainers will burn a major amount of calories, but you must uphold the correct accuracy, speed, and posture to prevent injury.

Weight Loss

Before I get to the details, the peloton is obviously the best tool for losing weight. It comes with many cardio on-demand classes that range in varieties.

Besides, the multiple sitting position maneuverability places the peloton at the top of the weight loss classification.

Does that mean elliptical hands in the surrender flag here? That machine cannot give up since many senior users rely on its stress-free cardio fitness session.

Aside from it, the fact that you can shift from various resistant levels implies similar calorie burn, which leads to moderate weight loss ability. However, you must maintain a ratio of consistent calorie intake and exercise to experience the transformation fully.

Machine Performance

Peloton offers many workout types that aids in muscle building, strength developing, power boosting, recovery advantage, and so on. It has several programs that deliver endurance training sessions for tough sports.

The unit includes a power meter to record FTP, a way to track your progress. Plus, the thousands of classes to pick from make the performance goal all the more stimulating.

Contrary to the subject, an elliptical lacks such additional programs and detailed tracking records. It will assist you in faster running by applying for the few high-impact workout programs.

You will gain improved stamina, endurance, and speed overall. But peloton, once again, takes the reign for versatility, lean body mass, etc.

Machine Convenience

Which trainer is easy to work with? I will give you only the basics to understand the complexity better without confusion.

Ellipticals are rather more convenient to use for their intuitive features. Their big foot platform for pedals provides greater balance and support. You will not even have to wear any special footwear or require extra adjustment; whatsoever.

The issues with the peloton include seat adjustment. If you do not modify the depth and height, there could be severe ramifications to knee pressure and lumbar flexion.

Then, it gets more complicated when more than one user utilizes the machine at home/gym. The constant seat adjustment is quite impeding.


Consequently, the elliptical trainer focuses more on safety than the peloton. Since it requires no modification before workouts, the design of the machine delivers harmless maneuvering techniques.

Moreover, the moving handlebars offer additional support for users with mobility problems. Thanks to its low-impact exercise target, people with a knee strain, injury, back pain, etc., can use it without a hassle.

It is also a remarkable all-in-one fitness unit for seniors. The large footprints and the nonchanging setup position are the biggest advantages.

There have been occasional complaints regarding the discomforting seating feature of the peloton. Some have even mentioned spending more to add a cushion to it.

I guess you know where the tide is taking us. Elliptical wins while the peloton takes a step back!


Honestly, I would pay for the peloton for its incessant durability over the years. The well-built steel structure, along with the silent, fluid-like pedal motion, will prevent you from distraction.

Also, the high-end digital and magnetic resistance further adds superiority as you work out. In short, the design frame delivers premium appeal with equally unfailing quality.

While an elliptical has yet to come this far in terms of value, many popular brands offer similar top-grade features to last longer.

But you have to categorize these models according to the cost factor.

Unfortunately, there is no peloton elliptical for you to choose from, so you have to make do with researching other brand names.


A peloton bike always requires a high budget that starts from $1,500. It can go higher as you demand more digital features (plus subscribed classes live or popular).

On the other side, elliptical units vary in budget according to the brands and level of features available. It ranges because of the design durability as well.

I would not suggest opting for a low-cost elliptical just because it is within budget. Thus, the starting price should also be almost comparable to the peloton bikes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the peloton make an elliptical?

The plan for such a proposition still remains uncertain. However, there are other training equipment available in the peloton

Which is better for weight loss – peloton or elliptical?

Both allow a considerable amount of calorie burns to indicate weight loss. The differential chart varies too little with high impact workouts to compare significantly.

Can you go backward with a peloton?

No, while some users may suggest otherwise, I advise against it. It could damage the machine with excessive wear and tear effect. Additionally, it is not safe at all.

Verdict: Elliptical Vs. Peloton

Ultimately, it is not just about the competition but also about clearing up some clouded judgments. The exact answer is not always right – so the elliptical vs. peloton does not really have a winner.

Personally, I prefer the peloton for its effective cardio improvement aside from achieving the fitness goal with various challenges.

Nevertheless, an elliptical is the better choice if you suffer from any pain, ailment, or injury.

Choose wisely before setting the goal!

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M Rok is a popular Editor who has been writing online for over 10 years. He has a loyal following of readers who enjoy his distinctive style of Researching. M Rok covers a wide range of topics on his blog, from personal finance to general. He has a knack for writing engaging and thought-provoking posts that get his readers thinking. M Rok is also a talented photographer, and his blog features some of his stunning photos. If you're looking for an interesting read, check out M Rok's blog!

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