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M Rok is a popular Editor who has been writing online for over 10 years. He has a loyal following of readers who enjoy his...

Different Types of Ellipticals 2020

Editor at - Cialishuk

M Rok is a popular Editor who has been writing online for over 10 years. He has a loyal following of readers who enjoy his...

Editor at - Cialishuk

M Rok is a popular Editor who has been writing online for over 10 years. He has a loyal following of readers who enjoy his...

Different Types of Ellipticals will be explained in this article. Elliptical, also known as cross trainers, elliptical, and elliptical machines, are becoming more and more popular. Ellipticals are in a way similar to the more traditional treadmill exercise equipment. Both burn calories and exercise body muscles by repetitive movement. Both normally have the ability to make adjustments in the effort needed to operate and incline adjustments.

Two ways elliptical equipment far outshines treadmills and stationary bikes are; the low impact on joints and the use of upper body muscles as well as lower body. With elliptical, your feet are positioned on peddles or pads on the elliptical machine. Your feet never leave these peddles which move with your feet during exercise. Most elliptical exercise machines have handles for your hands that can also include movement and exercising of your arms and upper body in unison with your lower body.

You can find both new and used elliptical machines and the prices will vary greatly depending on the quality of the elliptical cross-trainer. One of the number one factors that can determine the price will be how many features the elliptical offers. Features such as an adjustment in intensity and incline, being able to use with or without upper body exercise, and some will have the ability to reverse action which will work a different group of muscles.

An excellent option for cardiovascular training the elliptical machines are top of the line. Although you may not find a lot of used elliptical machines because of the equipment being fairly new on the market they can be found and there are many affordable models of new elliptical machines available. Also, some models are available in commercial grade which is naturally more costly but is built for heavier continual use. For a low impact cardiovascular workout, you really should look into one of the many elliptical machines for sale.

Different Types of Ellipticals

Schwinn Elliptical

Schwinn offers several different elliptical exercisers including the Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainer, the Schwinn 431, and the Schwinn 438 Elliptical. Each Schwinn elliptical machine comes with basic features that are similar including AC adapters, computer controls, and 16 levels of resistance. Each Schwinn elliptical trainer also comes with individual special features.

The Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainer provides 8 different exercise programs to mix it up and keep your workout interesting. An added feature of the Schwinn elliptical fitness machine is an 18-inch foot stride. One of the best features is the overall dimensions (59″L x 26″W x 68″H) which make it a great choice for home use over other larger elliptical cross-trainers.

A grip heart rate monitor, feedback programs, and fixed or moving handlebars also come on the Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainer. The LCD displays ten different readouts including speed, time, and distance so you know what you are doing as you are exercising. This exercise way of cycle sport and fitness is great for your body.

Schwinn Elliptical is a great choice for an elliptical workout at home or in the office. Testimonies say the Schwinn elliptical trainers are also simple to assemble. An easy to use, comfortable and space-saving Schwinn elliptical exercise machines are everybody’s personal trainer, available both new and used at great prices for any budget.

Weslo Ellipticals

Weslo Ellipticals come in several different models. Each Weslo elliptical machine comes with different features but all offer the benefit of smooth resistance workouts. You can find some great deals on cheap Weslo ellipticals.

One of Weslo’s elliptical cross trainers is the Weslo Momentum 620 Elliptical Machine. This Weslo elliptical machine offers two personal trainer workouts, a heart rate monitor, and ten levels of resistance. This Weslo elliptical also offers digital resistance and an LCD workout display to track time, speed, the number of calories burned and more while you are exercising.

The Momentum 745 is another Weslo Momentum elliptical machine. This elliptical machine provides the user with a 17.5-inch stride, four personal workout programs, ten levels of resistance. The Weslo Momentum 745 is the top of their line and even it fits in the normal elliptical user’s budget.

Whether you are looking for a new Weslo Elliptical machine or a used Weslo Elliptical cross trainer the Momentum models offer affordability and great exercise potential at the same time. You will want to shop for deals on Weslo elliptical trainers before you purchase. It’s also recommended that you take advantage of the warranty, 30 trial, if purchasing a new Weslo elliptical.

Life Fitness Ellipticals

Life Fitness ellipticals come in a wide range of models. Among the Life Fitness elliptical exercise machines, you will find the Life Fitness 9500 HR Elliptical. These elliptical fitness machines are designed to work both upper and lower body for weight loss, muscle toning, and cardiovascular exercise.

One of the best features of the Life Fitness 9500 HR machines is no wires, cords, or electrical outlets are needed. This Life Fitness elliptical trainer is powered by the operator. Other qualities of the Life Fitness 9500 are 20 resistance levels, 9 pre-programmed workout courses, forward and reverse workout and heart rate monitoring.

Some of the other Life Fitness elliptical offers features such as resistance levels from 16 up to 25, workouts like hill, random, and manual. Life Fitness also has some great elliptical trainer accessory such as mounted water bottle holders, special heart rate kits, and even a reading rack so you can enjoy your favorite reading material while working out.

With the variety of Life Fitness elliptical machines available you are sure to find one to suit your needs. You can find both new and used Life Fitness elliptical so shop and compare prices. All Life Fitness elliptical trainers are built to make you feel like you’re at the health club right at home.

Horizon Ellipticals

Horizon Ellipticals come in a variety of sizes with a wide range of features. All Horizon ellipticals provide a low impact exercise in the home or gym. If you are looking for a way to get a great cardiovascular workout without pressure on your joints you find exercising with treadmills, you can find new and used Horizon ellipticals for your need.

The Horizon e900 elliptical machine is designed with a front-drive frame that keeps the user in a more natural position while exercising. The e900 also offers 16 ranges of resistance, a power incline, and 14 different elliptical exercise programs. Another great feature of this Horizon elliptical machine is the pivoting footplate which moves with the operator’s foot movement.

A second Horizon elliptical exerciser is the Horizon e1200 elliptical machine. Also built with the front frame drive design and 16 different ranges of resistance the Horizon e1200 includes 9 exercise programs. This Horizon elliptical machine has a long stride length of 19 inches.

Both the Horizon e900 Elliptical Machines and Horizon e1200 Elliptical Machines come with handle grip heart monitors so no need to wire up before you work out. All Horizon elliptical trainers are designed with the user in mind and offer the features the end-user is looking for. You can find a Horizon elliptical machine that will suit your exercise routine.

Vision Fitness Ellipticals

Vision Fitness offers several different elliptical exercisers including the Vision Fitness S7200 a suspension elliptical trainer, the Vision Fitness X6150, and the Vision Fitness X6200 elliptical. Each Vision Fitness elliptical machine comes with basic features that are similar including heavy gauge welded steel frames, heart rate monitoring, and 18 + inch stride length. Each Vision Fitness elliptical trainer also comes with individual special features.

The Vision Fitness X6200 elliptical trainer has one outstanding feature that makes it stand out from most other elliptical machines – it folds. This gives the X6200 the ability to provide a long stride for exercising but at the same time can fold to save space when not in use. If available space is a concern for you you’ll certainly want to consider the Vision Fitness X6200 elliptical machines.

Some other great features of the Vision Fitness X6200 include4 custom exercise programs, heart rate monitoring by contact and telemetry, and 16 program levels. With energy prices going higher and higher this Vision Fitness elliptical is terrific it’s operator power – no electricity needed. If that’s not enough the X6200 comes with a built-in reading rack so you can easily catch up on your reading while exercising.

Vision Fitness Elliptical is a great choice for an elliptical workout at home or in the office. Easy to use, comfortable, and space-saving Vision Fitness elliptical exercise machines are available both new and used at great prices for any budget. You will certainly want to take the time to browse a variety of Vision Fitness elliptical.

Nautilus Ellipticals

Nautilus ellipticals come in a wide range of models including the Nautilus My Stride ellipticals and the Nautilus fixed stride ellipticals. If your not familiar with the Nautilus name you should be, the company has been in business for over 30 years making nothing but fitness and health products. Nautilus exercise machines are also sold under the brand names of Bowflex, Schwinn, StairMaster, Universal and a few others.

The key feature of the Nautilus My Stride elliptical machines is the ‘My Stride’ system. The My Stride system adjusts to the individual operator’s stride automatically. It does this so smoothly and naturally that you won’t even know its working.

Some other features of the Nautilus My Stride ellipticals include a front drive design, LCD display, and both contact and telemetry heart rate monitoring. If that’s not enough the My Stride ellipticals from Nautilus offer 20 workout levels, 8 pre-programmed workouts, and 4 different heart rate control programs. Add to that this Nautilus elliptical also has a fitness diary where owners can record and save workout information for five different users.

Nautilus has not been in the exercise machine business for 30 years for nothing. Nautilus elliptical fitness machines can be found both new and used. If you are looking for a great elliptical cross trainer you will want to check out the deals on Nautilus ellipticals.

Quantum Ellipticals

Quantum Fitness has been in the business of health and fitness equipment for almost 20 years providing elliptical exercise machines for commercial and residential use. Quantum elliptical are designed to provide the best for you body’s workout. Quantum elliptical fitness machines take into consideration what is needed by and best for the user.

The Quantum Stride Elliptical offers 12 programs, heavy duty brakes with 20 different levels of resistance and a commercial gauge welded steel frame. The large dot matrix display gives feedback on heart rate, resistance, target zone, time, distance, stride and calories used per minute among other things. The Quantum elliptical trainer is designed with a low step to make it easier to mount and dismount as well as solid handrails for support.

For those who are concerned about the environment Quantum elliptical fitness machines have gone green. Quantum has gone to great extent to design and manufacture fitness equipment that saves the environment but taking of windmill power, recycling metals, and being sure not to use paints or other products that will emit hazardous fumes into the air.

If you are looking for a great deal on elliptical equipment Quantum is certainly one you will want to check into. You can find some great prices on new and used Quantum elliptical cross trainers. For exceptional prices and benefits to your body and the world take a look at Quantum Ellipticals.

Precor Ellipticals

Precor has been in the business of getting the world moving for over 20 years. With their wide range of fitness machines including the Precor elliptical crosstrainer you are sure to get a rewarding workout. For gentle, quiet, quality elliptical machines you will want to check out the new and used lines of Precor EFX elliptical machines.

Precor EFX ellipticals have many great features. Along with the ease of use and motivation to workout more Precor ellipticals offer 15 different workout programs

including aerobic, cross training, hill climb, and weight loss. If you are in need of working on your heart rate the Precor elliptical trainer offers 2 programs specifically designed for that purpose.

Telemetry heart rate monitoring and the quick start feature are added benefits of the Precor elliptical fitness machines. Upper body convertible and the ability to program 4 different users on one machine make the Precor elliptical great for the whole family. This machine is great for home or office and flexible enough for a variety of users.

Along with the Precor elliptical trainers you can also find a great line of treadmills, climbers, and cycles. Add to that list of products two more lines to help with stretch and strength training. Precor offers the home or commercial customer what they need in new or used elliptical fitness machines.

Ironman Ellipticals

The Ironman Ascender elliptical is just one of the long line of Ironman elliptical machines. The natural upright stable positioning combined with the low impact all over body workout for upper and lower body make the Ironman Ascender elliptical machine a favorite. Add to that such features as an ergonomic 21 inch length stride and the narrow pedal spacing make a workout on an Ironman elliptical one of the best.

The user friendly qualities of the Ironman Ascender elliptical don’t stop there though. A 7 inch LCD flat screen mounted TV makes your exercise program fun as you watch your favorite TV show or movie. Also included are coaxial cable, satellite reception, and RCA jacks so you can add DVD players and other devices and all can be heard on your Ironman Ascender elliptical through built in speakers or plug-in head phones?

Additional features of the Ironman Ascender elliptical machine are 19 different programs among which are 12 pre-programmed and 4 designed specifically for heart rate control. This Ironman elliptical also offers 16 resistance levels for different levels of training. The ability to operate in forward or reverse makes this elliptical one of the best for working a wide range of muscles. There is no way we can cover all the terrific features of the Ironman Ascender in this review of Ironman elliptical machines.

Ironman doesn’t stop with elliptical cross trainers though. Ironman also produces a line of fitness bikes, treadmills, strength training equipment, rowers, and steppers. You can find a long list of new and used Ironman elliptical and other fitness equipment. You will want to shop and save with Ironman elliptical trainers and machines.

Body Solid Ellipticals

Body Solid Endurance Ellipticals are among the top of the line in elliptical fitness machines. Body Solid also produces several great lines of free-weight systems, commercial gyms, treadmills, exercise bikes, and several more lines of exercise equipment. Whether looking for new or used elliptical fitness machines Body Solid has a variety of choices.

The Body Solid E7 Ellipticals are designed with comfort and posture and a state of the art monitoring system. The Synchro Stride arms give the upper body a smooth workout at the same time as you exercise the lower body. Boosting a quiet front drive design offers stable workouts in a smaller space than other elliptical fitness machines.

Body Solid elliptical also offer 15 levels of magnetic resistance and 6 pre-programmed programs that include fat burn, hills, weight loss, and other choices. The Body Solid Endurance Ellipticals also provide the user with 6 different feedback readings: heart rate, speed, distance, RPM, average speed, and calories burned per hour. For low impact cross training the Body Solid E7 is a great choice. The roll away feature makes it simple to move out of the way when not in use.

Body Solid ellipticals are designed with cardio fitness at the top of the list. If cardio fitness is important to you then you will want to check out the Body Solid Cardio Ellipticals. You can find Body Solid ellipticals both new and used.

Stamina Ellipticals

Stamina is a business that supplies a wide range of fitness equipment. Among the many products Stamina offers are strength building systems, exercise bikes, inversion systems, rowers, steppers, trampolines, and golf fitness training. Stamina Elliptical machines come in many models but in this Stamina elliptical review we will discuss only 3 of those models.

Stamina Cardio Performance Ellipticals offer such features as 3 different stride lengths for different individuals in the house, a dual-action handle bar for upper body exercise and stationary handlebar option for just lower body workout. The Stamina Cardio Performance ellipticals also comes with 15 programs, speed controls on the handlebars, heart rate sensors in the handlebars, and dual water bottle holders. The Stamina Cardio Performance Elliptical machines are made of sturdy steel frame construction and come with wheels for easily moving.

The Stamina Dual Action Elliptical comes with dual action handlebars or stationary handle bars with heart rate sensors built into the stationary handlebars. A programmable display console is also included along with a quiet magnetic resistance system. This Stamina elliptical machine combines the EMR Elliptical with a Stepper.

A third option in the Stamina elliptical line is the Stamina In Motion Elliptical Trainer. This elliptical trainer is lightweight and compact so great for the home but is also one of the most popular fitness machines at the gym. Some of the features the Stamina In Motion Elliptical machine offer are an adjustable tension for resistance level control and foot pedals that work both forward and reverse. This Stamina elliptical also provides an electronic display to monitor exercise time, calories burned, and strides per minute.

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