Detailed Review Suzuki Wagon R VS Suzuki Cultus

Suzuki Wagon R VS Suzuki Cultus; which one is best for personal use and Business? In this article, we are going to share a detailed review of both cars. As you know, demand for Suzuki cars is increasing day by day due to its cheap price along with the batting condition. Suzuki has recently launched its best-selling car Suzuki Cultus 2020 model in Pakistan. While in 2016, Suzuki was the eleventh biggest automaker by production worldwide.

Detailed Review Wagon R VS Suzuki Cultus
Detailed Review Wagon R VS Suzuki Cultus

Suzuki Wagon R Overview

The engine power of Suzuki Wagon R VXL 2019 is 67 hp @ 6200 RPM with 3 cylinders and top speed is 180 KM / H. Each cylinder of this model has 5-speed manual transmission. This car has petrol suspension Rack & Pinion with EPS steering type. The Suzuki Wagon R VXL uses a fuel injection gasoline fuel system. Brake system on the front: ventilated discs, rear: drums.

The first generation Suzuki Wagon R is available in Wagon R VXR and Wagon R VXL. The Suzuki Wagon R price in Pakistan at Rs. 1,605,000 to 1,890,000 The cost of the vehicle may vary due to additional registration etc.

Suzuki Cultus Overview

Finally, Suzuki has launched Cultus 3rd generation in Pakistan on April 22, 2017. Suzuki Cultus 2020 revived the entire Cultus design framework and created a more sophisticated and bold cults. The Suzuki Cultus car was first unveiled at the Auto Expo 2014 in India and later, at the Geneva Motor Show in 2014.

Pak Suzuki had launched the Cultus (1000cc car) considering the need for fuel-powered family cars and the growing trend of imported hatchbacks in the country. Suzuki Cultus has two variants VXR & VXL. The VXL comes with airbags, power steering, power windows, fog lights and anti-lock braking system while some features have been reduced in the VXR but it comes at a reasonable price. The Suzuki Cultus price in Pakistan 1,745,000 and 1,985,000 in PKR.

Suzuki Wagon R VS Suzuki Cultus

Suzuki Cultus and Wagon R are the most demanding cars now a days. Here is the detailed comparison of 2020 Suzuki Wagon R VS Suzuki Cultus. All specifications and features with interior and exterior are explained.

History of Wagon R and Cultus:

Suzuki Wagon R

Today we know that the Wagon R was born in 1993. At that time, the first generation. The interesting thing about the car was the arrangement of the doors. It had 2 doors on the left and only one door on the driver’s side. It was powered by a 660cc F6A engine that powered Alto and other cars at the time.

The second-generation Suzuki Wagon R was introduced in 1998 in Japan. Within a year of its launch, it was brought to India in 1999 to compete with the Hyundai Santro. Safety features such as ABS, airbags and fog lamps were introduced although it was limited to the above variants.

The third and final generation of Suzuki Wagon R saw in 2003, which is considered to be the latest version ever released.
This new version of the Wagon R was often criticized for its design, although some praised it for its spacious interior and large luggage compartment.

Suzuki Cultus

Suzuki Cultus, a car famous for its Executive class, was launched in Pakistan in 2000 by Pak Suzuki with a 3-cylinder 1000cc carbonated engine and 5-gear manual transmission.
In 2005, Pak Suzuki discontinued the VX variant while the VXR and VXL remained ready.
In 2007, Pak Suzuki made a big difference in the heart of the Cultus and that was EFI ENGINE. The old 3-cylinder carbonated engine was fitted with a new 4-cylinder.

In 2012, Pak Suzuki introduced Euro II technology. It is used to prevent harmful emissions from vehicles and to make the environment more environmentally friendly. In 2016, Pak Suzuki launched cultus with a limited edition. The shape was the same but still some cosmetic changes were made.
In February 2017, Pak Suzuki representatives mentioned in a press release about the closure of the Klitschko reservation. The cult’s 17-year journey was coming to an end, and it was revived in a whole new way.

Compare Specifications

The detailed comparison between Suzuki wagon r and cultus is given below:



SpecificationsSuzuki CultusSuzuki Wagon R
Overall Length3600 mm3600 mm
Overall Width1600 mm1475 mm
Overall Height1540 mm1670 mm
Wheel Base2425 mm2400 mm
Ground Clearance145 mm170 mm
Weight785 KG830 KG


When it comes to the exterior, the wagon is a long wagon in the shape of an R. The design is very basic, with no character lines that give the car a very general shape. Cultus, on the other hand, has a traditional hatchback design with lower height and center of gravity. It also has a distinctive character line from the front of the car all the way to the front which makes it look more expensive. The length of both the Wagon R and the Cultus is 3600 mm but the Cultus has a spacious cabin that can accommodate 3 people in the rear seats. This is a better car.

Since it has already been mentioned that the two cars come in two different variants, there are some differences that determine the VXL variant of the two cars in addition to the base VXR variant. The Cultus VXL has a body-colored door handle, fog lights, alloy, and a chrome grille that the VXR is missing in various forms. When it comes to the Wagon R, the only thing that will help you differentiate between the two variants is the door handle. In the VXL model, the door handles are body-colored while in the VXR they are black.


Since both cars come in two variants, the VXL and the VXR, it is worth noting that there are some differences that distinguish the Cultus VXL from the base VXR model. VXR variants lack features such as luggage shelves, charging docks, vanity mirrors, electronically adjustable side mirrors, chrome bezels and leather upholstery.

The Wagon R VXL variant has power windows that keep it separate from the VXR on the inside. The interior of both the Wagon R and the Cultus is very basic, but the quality of the material used in the Suzuki Cultus feels a bit better. In addition, the Cultus  boot capacity is better at 235 liters compared to the 180-liter Wagon R when the Cultus is making a better car to carry luggage.

Features Comparison

FeaturesSuzuki CultusSuzuki Wagon R
Air Conditioner
Power WindowsX
Power Steering
Anti-Lock Braking SystemX
Leather SeatsXX
Keyless Entry
CD Player
Power Door Locks
Traction ControlXX
Folding Rear-SeatX
Rear Wash WiperXX
Alloy WheelsX
Central LockingX
Remote Boot/Fuel-Lid
Steering AdjustmentX
Fog LightsX
Rear DefrosterX
Power SeatsXX
AM/FM Radio
Defogger (Rear)
Cassette PlayerXX
DVD PlayerXX

Engine, Transmission & Fuel Economy

Both cars are equipped with an inline 3-cylinder engine combined with a 5-speed manual gearbox. The maximum output of the engine is rated at 67 hp, which is enough to take into account the fact that the Wagon R weighs 830Kg while the Cultus weighs 780Kg, making both cars extremely light. Weight is also a key factor in fuel economy and both Suzuki Cultus and Suzuki Wagon R are considered fuel efficient with an average fuel fuel of 20-22 km / l. Instead of buying a Cultus or a Wagon, the fuel averages of both cars will not disappoint you.


The Suzuki Car Prices in Pakistan are quite reasonable with other brand models like Honda, Toyota etc.

Suzuki Cultus VXR 998cc, Manual, PetrolRS. 1,745,000 PKR
Suzuki Cultus VXL 998cc, Manual, PetrolRS. 1,865,000 PKR
Suzuki Cultus AGS 998cc, Automatic, PetrolRS. 1,985,000 PKR
Suzuki Wagon R VXR 998cc, Manual, PetrolRS. 1,605,000 PKR
Suzuki Wagon R VXL 998cc, Manual, PetrolRS. 1,695,000 PKR
Suzuki Wagon R AGS 998cc, Automatic, PetrolRS. 1,890,000 PKR

The price difference of Suzuki Wagon R VS Suzuki Cultus is quite large that you are getting a lot of features at the prices. Choose the condition otherwise Wagon R offers the basic model of VXR at the lowest price.

Suzuki did a great job with the new Cultus, it was a much needed upgrade. If we put the price factor aside, whichever car you buy will make you consider the reliability of Suzuki cars and a huge network of dealerships across the country guarantee a good customer experience.

Safety Features & Equipment

Suzuki Wagon R VXR

  • Immobilizer
  • Power Steering
  • Central Locking System

Upgrading to the VXL variant will add

  • Power Windows
  • Keyless Entry
  • Power Door Locks

Suzuki Cultus VXR

  • Immobilizer
  • Power Steering
  • Power Door Locks
  • Steering Adjustment

Upgrading to the VXL variant adds

  • Dual SRS Airbags
  • ABS
  • Four Speakers
  • Electronically Adjustable Side Mirrors


Wagon R VS Suzuki Cultus
Wagon R VS Suzuki Cultus

The Suzuki Cultus 2020 is offered in a choice of 7 colors. Pearl Red, Graphite Grey, White, Super Pearl Black, Cerulean Blue, Silky Silver and Sand Beige While the Suzuki WagonR 2020 is offered in a choice of 7 colors. Pearl Red, Graphite Grey, Phoenix Red, Solid White, S. Pearl Black Sand Beige and Silky Silver.

Note: More Info About Automotive

Value of Money

The Suzuki Wagon R Money is a value proposition for products and includes all safety features in its segment. But its price is high regarding its features and around 14 lakh to 15 lakh. As compared to Suzuki cultus prices is too high regarding its specification.


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