DesignCap – a Tool to Create Free Presentations, Infographics, Banners, and More

DesignCap – a Tool to Create Free Presentations, Infographics, Banners, and More

We thoroughly check an engaging online tool for professionals, academics, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who needs to use visual content to express their ideas in high-quality graphic formats and with just use of their browser. Its name is DesignCap, a web-based application that can be accessible by anyone. In this article, I’ll take DesignCap Presentation Maker as an example.


What is DesignCap?


It is an online application to create professional presentations, infographics, reports, charts, advertising banners, etc. It is an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote, but at the same time, it allows you to do without much knowledge. With an intuitive interface and thousands of templates, so you don’t start from scratch.


For all the needs in visual content, even more, you can find the possibilities offered by its nature in the cloud. It is built in HTML5 and not Flash, allowing it to look good online.


Some great features

  • There are thousands of preset templates for different occasions.
  • Interactive elements such as those in the infographics that change according to the numerical values entered.
  • Add external elementslike graphics and fonts by uploading.
  • Modify contents through the always useful drag and drop.
  • Interface with an intuitive, minimalist design, with simple guidelines and instant help in each section.
  • Import data from XLS, XLXS, CSV filesto a visual chart in the design.
  • You can add dynamic maps for a particular country or region.
  • Access to millions of free stock images and more than a million icons in vector format.
  • Export of content to JPG, PNG, PDF (PPTX for presentation file)image format.
  • You can share the final design on social networks with one click or only by downloading them.
  • Instantly public it on your website or blog using the link generated to a visualization space in DesignCap.
  • Save the project to the cloud under your account.


How DesignCap works

DesignCap allows you to register an account using an email address or log in with your Facebook or Google account. If you don’t have an account, you can still try it, but you can not use many features in it. So it’s better to have an account.


Step 1. Pick a template

DesignCap presentation template

After creating an account, click “Get Started Now” to enter its template model immediately.  Choose a desired template from the available ones: Presentation, Banner Ads (advertising banners), Infographics, resumes, charts, reports, business cards, invitations, YouTube banners, Facebook covers, etc.


You can also start on a “blank” canvas. Here I choose a presentation template to move forward.


Step 2. Add elements

DesignCap presentation interface

To create PowerPoint-like presentations only with more high-quality content, you need to insert your elements in an omnipotent sidebar with a couple of clicks or by dragging and dropping.


Graphics and text must be the most important elements in a design. So let’s add a photo and text into the presentation. As I mentioned before, DesignCap allows us to add shapes, lines, masks, icons, stock photos from the millions of art resources. If you are still not satisfied with the result, you can upload your own graphics such as a logo, brand kit, etc. from the computer. Once you add your graphics, adjust its size, color, effect to get it best suitable for your design.


For the text, you can quickly replace all the text in the template with your own one. Then adjust the text font, size, color, style, and other properties manually. If you like, you can use the preset font style in the left text list. To get more possibilities, you can upload your font from the computer.


There is a great additional option to complete your presentation. You can add a column chart, pie chart, area chart, or other types of chart in the presentation to display your data visually clear.


To make more to your presentation, change a background using a picture, color, or preset pattern. The whole process is relatively easy, with only a few drags and drops.


Step 3. Export

DesignCap export

It’s time to download the presentation. DesignCap allows us to download our design as JPG, PDF, and PNG. For the presentation, we can also download it as PPTX files. Besides, we are free to share it anywhere. Even more, we can present our content through DesignCap with a transition effect in it.


My opinion

Creating presentations is a task that no longer depends solely on those who work with PowerPoint. We can use DesignCap on the Internet that helps us create and design by dragging components and customizing elements. Try it now.

Hritush Arma

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