Coronavirus Immunity: Can you Catch it Twice?

Coronavirus Immunity: Can you Catch it Twice?

Immunity Against Coronavirus:-

Coronavirus is rapidly spreading by interactions of people; still no vaccine is invented to prevent this infectious disease. The fact is people getting this infection are recovering without any special treatment. The body of the infected person builds immunity against this virus and eradicates it from the body. A study was conducted among patients of coronavirus, it was concluded that immunity developed by infected people might be short-lived according to the research work. It can attack again on a recovered person because the previous immunity is dissolved after passage of some time. King’s College conducted a research in which scientists showed that the body makes antibodies to fight against the pathogens of coronavirus. Still, it depends upon the functionality of the immune system of the patient in how much time his body produces these antibodies. Almost 96 people participated in this study, and scientists discovered that they had antibodies against coronavirus in the blood. Still, a gradual decline was noted in the amount of these antibodies over the period of three months. It alarmed the risk of reinfection by coronavirus in those recovered people.

Functioning of the Immune System:-

The body’s defence system to fight against pathogens of a disease is known as the immune system, and it is basically of two types. The first type is innate one, also known as the natural immune system, in this type of immunity when any foreign pathogen attacks the body, the antibodies are released automatically like white blood cells and other chemical substances. These antibodies cause inflammation and start a fight against infection of those pathogens resulting in the destruction of foreign pathogens. The other type of immunity is passive immunity which is also known as adaptive immunity. In the case of coronavirus infection, innate immunity is not induced by the body; instead, adaptive immunity is introduced to the body, cellular response is initiated by inoculating T cells. These T cells fight with pathogens or stick to the surface of the virus to stop its spread in the body. Then targeted antibodies destroy these pathogen cells to eradicate the disease from the body reported writers of nursing essay help in their research assignments.

Can We Become Immune to Coronavirus Automatically?

This question is of significant importance, as the whole world is facing a notable number of casualties by infections of coronavirus. It is clear now that our body can create immunity against coronavirus, but it is a time taking process, maybe it can take ten or more days. While studies have shown that the more the sick is patient, more the immunity will he create against the coronavirus. So, if immunity produced in a person is strong enough, it can last its impacts for a long time, the person will be safe for more time from the reinfections of coronavirus. But it is still unknown that patients with mild symptoms or a lower severity level of infection will develop how much strong immunity against disease. The only treatment is to treat the secondary illnesses caused by this virus like short breathing, cough, fever and pains.

Role of T-cells in Immunity:-

The role of T-cells in immunity against coronavirus is still under development, no ultimate results are declared in this regard. However, a recent study revealed that the persons who tested negative for coronavirus were possessing immunity against it. Specific antibodies and T-cells against coronavirus were found in their blood. While the persons tested positive for this virus were also carrying those specific T-cells which may fight against infections of coronavirus.

The Time Period of Immunity:-

It can be said that the immune system works like our memory system of the brain; some infections are remembered by it forever, while it can forget some diseases within a short time period. For example, if a person developed immunity against Measles, it will be beneficial for life time as his immune system will remember the pathogens and antibodies for Measles. Unfortunately, the immune system does not work in the same order for all infections, so is the infection of coronavirus; our immunity can forget it. Hence, coronavirus infection may attack again to a recovered person after some time. The other considerable factor is age, the physical situation of the respective person, it contributes a lot in developing immunity and maintaining it for long periods.

Variants of Coronavirus:-

The studies disclose that coronavirus exists in more than six morphological forms. The immunity lasting effect for six types can be guessed anyhow, but it is impossible to make a guess about the immunity of Sars-Cov-2, as no one knows that how long it can exist. The coronaviruses which produce symptoms of the cold, body develops immunity against these for a shorter life span; thus, some patients may get these infections again within a year. The common cold is not a big problem for the health of patients, and it can be treated easily. But there are two terrible types of coronavirus, and the one is that causes Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in humans while the other is causing Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in its patients. These are two severe infections of coronavirus, but the scientists have found immunity in infected person after a long time. But for sure, it can last for whole life, so once infected with coronavirus you should take more precautions to prevent infection.

How can it Re-Attack you?

Many peoples across the world were tested positive for having multiple coronavirus infections at the same time. However, there exist many flaws in conduction of tests, and some persons were wrongly tested and declared free from this virus. Still, no human case is reported to get an infection of coronavirus after getting recovered from it, but a pair of rhesus macaque monkey is reported to get infections twice. It was astonishing that once they are infected, they build immunity and get recovered, but this immunity lasted for a short period. And they got infections again after some time, but there was a lack of symptoms after getting reinfection. That is why the World Health Organization is still confused about its immunity and declaring the persons risk-free who are recovered from this disease. For the seek of continuation of normal life, you can go back to your work after a specific antibodies test. But it does not mean that you have become autoimmune now against the virus, you can still transfer it to the other people who made physical contact with you.

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