Conferring benefits and mind-boggling features of Employee Transportation Software

Conferring benefits and mind-boggling features of Employee Transportation Software

Companies recruit employees from different places. Employees are finding it challenging to commute to the office in the respective time period. In order to tackle this issue, there is a need for effective employee transport management software. Just like ride-hailing apps, employees are offered all the features for offering seamless navigation facilities. Employers have complete control over the transportation facilities offered to their employees.

Captivating facts about the Employee Transport System 

  • About 75% of the employers are planning to purchase the employee transportation system for their organization.
  • According to Statista, the smart transportation system’s market is expected to reach $5.5 billion by 2020, and the growth is going to be over 400% between 2012 and 2020.

Spectacular benefits offered by employee transportation management software

Traveling has always been a struggle for both public and private transportation commuters. In the case of public transportation, there is no reliable schedule, and for private transportation, one has to overcome the difficulties of traffic congestion, roadblock, and weather condition related issues. They are completely exhausted at the end of their tiresome journey to reach their destination. Employee transport software is convenient for both employees and employees. 

Benefits for companies and employees 

  • Increased productivity: Employees will reach the corporate premises on time as the route navigation system offers the quickest possible navigation route. The travel time is also reduced; the staff is not tired due to excessive traveling that in turn leads to better productivity.
  • Better management: What if there is a way to regulate the working hours of employees? This is exactly possible through the employee transport app. Depending on the need for the day, the employers can schedule rides for employees and send the revised pickup timings for the drivers. In addition to that, there is a comprehensive panel that shows the schedule travel plan for all employees. They have better control in managing activities through this all-in-one admin panel.
  • Monitoring: Employers can know the whereabouts of the employees whenever they need through employee transportation software. 
  • Economical solution: The solution reduces the travel expenses involved in employee transportation management. The system offers effective fuel-management techniques, route navigation systems, and so on. In comparison with the traditional management system, the cost required for management and transportation services has reduced tremendously.
  • Comfort: Employers need not worry about travel arrangements. These employee transport management systems have offered a comfortable means to travel. 
  • Health-issues: Companies who have implemented the system have witnessed a reduction in sick leaves.

Features of employee transport management software

Features are the main factors that highlight the attributes and functionality of any app. The popularity and customer reception of the corporate transportation software are dependent on features of the employee transport system. So make sure you offer relevant features in the corporate transportation software:

Employee app

Real-time tracking: Employees can view the current status of the vehicle through these panels. 

Ad-hoc request: Last-minute ride requests can be sent through the Ad-hoc request features, which will then reach the drivers near the employee location immediately.

Trip-details: Complete details regarding each trip, such as driver app, license plate number, and other details are found in this section. This information is updated daily. 

Reminders: Alerts are sent to users just before the commencement of the ride. Also, employees can set reminders, and users will be notified accordingly.

Notifications: Employees are sent alerts based on the change in trip schedule and other trip-related information.

Ratings & Reviews: After each ride, employees can review and rate the rides depending on the ride services. 

SOS option: In case of emergency, the employee can use the SOS option, then they will connect with their emergency contact immediately. 

Driver app

Navigation: Drivers can navigate seamlessly for pickup and drop off services using the GPS-enabled route optimization panel.

Upcoming Trips: The details regarding upcoming trips, which include aspects like address, employee name, pickup time is displayed in this panel.

Availability Toggle: Drivers can change their status to available or unavailable based on their preferences. They will not receive any employee requests if their status is deemed unavailable.

SOS button: Immediate assistance will be offered to the drivers when they click this button.

Track Earnings: As and when the rides get completed, the earnings will be updated. The income will depend on the agreement between drivers and customers. 

Live chatbot: There are two purposes for chatbot; one, they can connect with the concerned employee for any clarification regarding timings and pickups. Two, they can post the inconvenience they face while using the system.

Admin app

Route management: Admins can edit, add a new route, remove the route, and the necessary changes are made in the drivers and employee app. They can also add standard pick up and drop off points. 

Driver management: The details and current status of all the drivers are available in this panel. Admin can search for a particular driver and view their status, and communicate with them.

Fleet management: Admins add new vehicles and information related to vehicles. They can provide all the necessary information about managing vehicles in this panel. 

Request management: New employee ride requests will appear in this panel. They can either accept or reject it after reviewing the details.

Reports and analysis: The details related to extensive business management are present in this panel. This information includes the number of vehicles, completed trips, driver count, etc. The information is present in a graphical manner, and as per admins’ preference, they can choose the period to view the data such as month wise/date wise/year wise.

Expense regulation: The extensive layout of the expenditure incurred is present in this panel. The advanced analytics tools also suggest methods to adopt to reduce the expenses.

The bottom line 

The cost and expenses involved in managing transportation for organizations have increased several-fold. In order to tackle the expenses and manage business more efficiently, there is a need for an Employee transportation management system. Integrate such a fantastic solution into your business ecosystem and witness the change for yourselves.

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