Buy The Right Curtain Rods To Give Your Home A Fresh Look

Buy The Right Curtain Rods To Give Your Home A Fresh Look

Gone are the days when curtain rods were long pieces of straight rods used to hang curtains. Today, curtain rods are much more than that. They are available in various shapes, colors, and designs and added with accessories to give a new look to your home. There are many types of curtain rods like decorative, concealed, traverse, and double curtain rods.

With so many options to choose from, curtain rods have also become a decorative item that lights up your interior décor. Curtain rods India is available with both online and offline retailers.  Buying curtain rods online is a better option as there are many brands available online. You can also find a wide range of options to choose from in terms of color or design. The online retailers also provide better service in helping you choose the right design that suits your home’s interior décor.

Before you decide to invest in window curtain rods, there are a few things to know. When you buy curtain rods online, you should be aware that it is for the long term. You will not change the curtain rods as frequently as you change curtains. So, you should factor in not only the existing décor but also any future changes you are planning.


  • Select the Right Size: The first step of buying curtain rods is the measurement of your windows. It is good to add a few inches on either side so that you have the flexibility to cover the wall for additional privacy. As a thumb rule, many add 5 inches to dimensions on either side. The right diameter is also crucial as thinner rods look cheaper and tend to bow if you hang heavy curtains from them.
  • Choose the Right Curtain Type: Deciding on the curtain type beforehand will allow you to pick the right window rods. If you intend to use layered curtains, you should pick a double curtain rod. Similarly, if your interior décor is minimalist and you want to hang lightweight curtains, lighter rods are better. Wrought iron rods are suitable for heavy curtains.
  • Pick the Right Colour: Colour is the most critical aesthetic aspect, which can make or break your interior. non-complementary colors can make your curtain rods stand out like a sore thumb. If you are looking to go for a designer look, a rod with dark colors for the living room is advised. Another option is to choose curtain rods with the same color as curtains. These look good in bedrooms and bathrooms.  
  • Opt for the Perfect Finials: Finials will give an excellent finish to curtain rods and also make the curtain rods stand out. A finial that matches the décor of the room will nicely tie the whole room together. They are available in a variety of materials like glass, wood, metal, or resin. Metal or wood finials look good in living and dining rooms. For bedrooms, glass or crystal are preferred.


With the availability of customizable curtain rods India, they have also become a vital décor element for homeowners and interior designers alike.

Sophia William

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