Blogging Vs Vlogging: the Ultimate Guide in 2020

Blogging Vs Vlogging: the Ultimate Guide in 2020

If you live on this planet, it’s almost impossible that you haven’t heard of blogging against Vlogging! We are not going to go into detail about what you are up to. However, for those of you who don’t have an idea, let us clear it up a bit.

Blogs are generally about a platform where people come together to share their ideas, opinions or anything with their “followers”.

In addition to essential website blogging, the current trend is Instagram blogging. Not surprisingly, a massive platform like Instagram works very well to spread the word and start your blog. All you need is a picture and a few words, and you’re ready to go.

Since bloggers have a large following, marketers incorporate brands and increase their reach. In 2017, about 92% of marketers thought that bloggers on Instagram helped them with their campaigns.

Vlogs are video blogs. They are a more visual way of making your word known. One of the most common vlog platforms is YouTube. Since YouTube is fast and free, the only thing that stands between the vlogger and the vlog is your team.

Yes, Vlogging requires more equipment. But camera phones are the easiest way to start. Other material is also now very reasonable.

YouTube marketing is equally important and influential. Take, for example, young mothers. 90% of young moms trust YouTube vloggers for products.

In general, both seem to have an excellent influence on sellers around the world. Let’s go see which one works best in 2020


Blogging vs Vlogging: Which is more effective for website traffic?

Of course, the importance of any of them depends on the traffic they generate. Generating traffic on the website means making potential customers.

From a marketing point of view, every person who visits the website is a potential customer. From the website owner’s point of view, each visitor is the source of the best income and most recognition. In summary, traffic is significant.

In some rough statistics, a website that uses video has a conversion rate of 4.8%. Of course, this does not seem significant. However, compare that to the 2.9% rate of video-free websites, it’s a frenzy.

However, there is a significant catch. Irrelevant, inappropriate, low-quality videos seem to show a lack of effort.

Comparing this to the written articles, which are blogs, the videos seem to improve. Statistics show that only 20% of the text on a website is read by users. The question here is, what 20%?

Is it the first part? Is it in the middle? Or is it the last? No matter which part, most of the information is lost, and the blog point is dissolved.

Overall, statistics show that Vlogging could have more turnover than blogging.

But let’s not rush. Hold your horses until we see more angles.


Vlogging and blogging are the new trends in the market. Anything new to the market is easily usable in marketing different things. Of course, as they both gain popularity, marketers tend to watch them carefully, too.

However, companies tend to love vlogs more! It’s not a surprise, is it? How many of us would rather read than watch a quick video? Worldwide, companies, on average, create 18 vlogs per month!

However, a significant advantage of vlogs is that they don’t appear in web searches all the time. Of course, some keywords help. However, they don’t display as well as the content, which is blogging.

It’s pretty confusing, isn’t it? Both have advantages and disadvantages. Let’s talk about a solution now! You can start a vlog using a flip screen camera.

Who is the audience to blog?

Blogging is much more than sharing stories through words posted online.

“You have to be eager to listen to be good at blogging because it is a conversation.”

Companies come to have this conversation. Bloggers tell a story with their clients, which can help influence the decision-making process. In fact, influencing on social media has become a primary digital marketing strategy in most commercial industries.

Search engine optimization or SEO is an essential skill for bloggers. When you use Google or another search engine, it ranks the most popular pages that contain keywords.

Meta’s additional description summarizes the entire blog in one sentence and attracts more readers.

Blogs are best when the information you need to convey is long or complicated. You can include convenient titles so your readers can see exactly what each article is about right away.

If some readers search for specific information or research their vlogs or blogs, they can find the information quickly and easily without having to watch a video.


Who is the audience for Vlogging?

Vlogging, of course, is a little deeper and generally contains much more content than the smaller subtitles.

Video websites have almost double the conversion rate. Vlogging is the easiest and fastest way to add a video to your website or Facebook page.

For example, you can make a video that shows people exactly how to apply attractive makeup, do fun crafts, or assemble your company’s products.

Vlogs are also great for interviewing guests or showing people all the amenities in hotels or tourist attractions.

Watching videos is faster than reading articles, and multitasking cleaning or getting ready for work at the same time is more natural. Generally, shorter videos with complete information are more effective.

Longer duration with additional exaggeration of some steps in the tutorial may have a “boring” impact on others.

For example, if I’m doing a tutorial for managing a social media account in Social Champ, the one-step overhead makes it boring, and the subscriber will either leave the page or click something else. For more vlogging tips and guides, visit

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