Best YouTube Marketing Guide For Beginners

Best YouTube Marketing Guide For Beginners

YouTube is emerging as a front-runner for marketing your brand. The video platform has over 50 million users and over 2 billion registered daily users. It means that you have the chance to promote your brand to this many people, but you also have to work hard on your content if you want to be successful.

With so many people posting content on YouTube, the only way you will get subscribers and engagement is when you provide unique, appealing, and informative content.

There are simple ways to start and maintain a successful YouTube channel for beginners which we will be talking about below.

1. Create a brand account

Since, you are creating a YouTube channel for your business, it is important that you create a brand account on Google. This gives multiple authorized users access to open and edit the content of the channel. Since it is a business channel, you want more than one person to have access to run things smoothly.

2. Know your audience and competitors

Your customers may expect a different kind on YouTube than what they expect on Instagram or so. Thus, do thorough research on your audience. Find out what type of content they like to see? What time do they usually scroll through YouTube? Which gender is watching more of your videos? All these questions can help you create the perfect content which gets the highest engagement.

Moreover, research your competitors too. Find out what type of content they are sharing on their video platform? What mistakes they are making which you need to avoid and more.

3. Create high-quality consistent content

YouTube is a video platform, and you need to create high-quality video content to appeal to the masses. Users of your brand will come across your channel by searching for the same. So, you must spend a lot of time thinking about unique content, shooting it right, editing it perfectly, and then uploading it.

4. Create customized thumbnails for your videos

When you are uploading any video on YouTube, make sure it has an appealing and customized thumbnail. It is one of those things that encourages a user to click on your video. If the thumbnail is exciting, people will certainly click on it otherwise, they won’t. It is just like a book cover; people judge a video by what you show in the thumbnail. So:
Never lie to the audience. If you use a certain thumbnail that gives an idea and you don’t create the video that way, it is lying, and the audience won’t check your videos anymore.

Always use the perfect tool like Canva to create your thumbnail. It has tons of templates that you customize, so all your thumbnails have a consistent look.

5. Don’t focus on monetization

A business starts a YouTube channel to promote its brand. Thus, focusing on creating and sharing quality content and encouraging users to buy your product needs to be the primary goal. If you don’t focus on that but are focusing more on earning money through YouTube, your brand and channel both will suffer.

YouTube monetizes a channel only if it has 1000 subscribers and over 4k annual views. So, work on your content to attract more customers, and you can then run ads and make money as well. But don’t lose sight of why you started the channel.

6. Have a great team

You are a business, so you need to share videos that are shot and edited perfectly. Working only on the quality of the content is not enough. Thus, make sure you have a team that can do this precisely to make it even more appealing to the audience.

7. Work on SEO

Yes, you have to optimize even your YouTube videos for SEO. Here are some tricks:
Choose a title that has a keyword that people may use. Also, it should be encouraging, relevant, and not clickbait.

Always write a description for your video. The limit for the same is 5000 words, but you don’t have to use the entire limit. Also, add keywords and hashtags up to 15.
Add your website and other social media links.

YouTube is not only for entertainment. It helps people solve a lot of problems, so make sure you use these tips and provide content that not just promotes your brand, but also benefits the customers in some ways.

Kavita Paliwal

Kavita is an Outreach Specialist cum Content writer. When not glued to her laptop, she can be found making travel plans that rarely happen :wink: Connect with Kavita on Twitter @dreamerkavita

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