11 Best Surge Protector For Treadmill

Yes, a treadmill will take care of your fitness, but what’s going to maintain the top-notch condition of this machine and protect it from power overloads? Well, that’s why you need the best surge protector for treadmill.

You can’t call everything ‘the best.’ If it doesn’t have a great joule rating, there’s not even a USB port or indication light, and if it’s not durable, then it needs to be replaced.

We’re here with some of the top-rated surge protectors that will work as a shield for your treadmill. If you think you need to get your hands on a high-end surge protector, read the reviews.

Comparison Table of Best Budget Surge protector for treadmill

PHOTOS NAMES Capacity Pricing
Tripp Lite IBAR2-6D Isobar 2 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip 120 Volt Check Price
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APC Wall Outlet Plug Extender, Surge Protector with USB Ports

120 Volt Check Price
CyberPower CSP600WSURC2 Surge Protector 125 Volt Check Price

Tripp Lite Isobar 2 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip

120 Volt Check Price

CyberPower CSB100W Essential Surge Protector

125 Volt Check Price
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Tripp Lite SPIKECUBE Series 1-Outlet Personal Surge Protector
125 Volt Check Price
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Belkin Surge Power Strip Protector for treadmill

125 Volt Check Price
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APC Surge Protector with USB Ports

120 Volt Check Price
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APC Surge Protector P11VNT3

110 Volt Check Price
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Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector

125 Volts Check Price

Best Surge Protector for Treadmill in 2022

It’s time for us to introduce you to some superior surge protectors that will keep your treadmill running smoothly. This list will tell you about the top eleven products available out there to ensure trouble-free exercise sessions for you.

Tripp Lite IBAR2-6D

Tripp Lite IBAR2-6D

The first product on our list is by Tripp Lite, and it’s here for some great reasons. It comes with an extra-long power cord that will allow you to have a safe cardio session on your treadmill without any complications.

It is a versatile protector that will protect your electronic devices from power surges and spikes. Once you get this one, you don’t have to worry about ruining your machines with electrical problems, which is a relief!

As this surge suppressor is constructed with metal housing, you can expect premium-grade protection from it. Moreover, it offers eight widely spaced NEMA and 15r outlets with exclusive filter banks. Thus, you will get limited noise-interactions among the connected devices.

It’s designed with a flat plug, allowing you to push it against the wall to save space. Additionally, the six-foot-long cord offers maximum flexibility, and you can reach the distant power outlet without struggling.

If you are looking for maximum safety, you should go with this protector undoubtedly. It comes with an excellent high joule rating that conforms to UL 1449 standards. And this suppressor also has a 12-Ampere circuit breaker that will shut down your treadmill to protect it from power overload.

In addition to all, this protector is designed with keyhole slots on the bottom panel for successful wall mounting. Moreover, it comes within an affordable budget so that anyone can get this one without any hint of doubt.

Offers excellent surge protection Designed with user-friendly features Comes with a flexible AC power cord Easy to use and install Available within an affordable price range
Not suitable for outdoor usage

APC Plug Extender

Are you looking for a surge suppressor for treadmill that comes with USB ports? Well, this product by APC is the answer to your question!

This suppressor will efficiently protect your exercise equipment from overload. Hence, you don’t have to worry about changing the fuse frequently.

Moreover, it protects your Ethernet and phone line. Therefore, any electronic device in your house can be protected from power surges effortlessly.

One of the most notable features of this product is that it comes with an LED indicator. This feature will warn you of potential threats. Hence, you can take care of any wiring issues before it turns into a hazardous accident.

This surge protector is designed with six power outlets that you can use to connect your treadmill and other electronic devices. And it’s easy to mount on the wall, which is a relief if you are not good with tools. Moreover, it’s suitable to fit into a 2-outlet configuration.

It has two USB ports that offer 2.4 Amps of combined charging power. And if you are concerned about safety measurements, this protector comes with 1080 Joule surge protection to provide the ultimate security.

Hence, you can get this product for your machine for a hassle-free experience.

Efficiently protects your device from a power spike Designed with USB ports Easy to install and remove Comes with LED indicators Offers multiple power outlets
Indication lights are too bright

CyberPower CSP600WSURC2

If you want to get a premium-grade surge suppressor for your treadmill, you can consider getting this one by CyberPower. It comes within affordable price points and protects your devices from electrical threats.

This product comes with six surge-protected outlets to protect your treadmill from electrical spikes. They divert the excessive voltage away from the sensitive electronic devices; hence, you can avoid damages all the time.

It is designed with two USB ports that allow you to recharge your phones, tablets, and other media devices.

Sometimes your phones get totally ruined because of power spikes. But once you install this suppressor in your home or office, your treadmill, as well as other sensitive machines, will be well-protected.

This product is also designed with two swivel outlets that can be rotated 90-degrees. They ensure excellent power distribution to the outlets that are located in a confined space. So, if you want to mount it behind a bookshelf or cabinet, the process will be trouble-free.

In addition to all, this suppressor comes with green indicators that will tell you that your devices are powered and protected. And it has EMI/RFI filters against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. Hence, the connected devices will get clean power to run.

Including a treadmill, you can use this protector for your home theater, gaming devices, or anything you want.

Comes with higher durability and a convenient design Offers filter against electromagnetic and radio frequency Easy to install and use Provides highly efficient surge protection Designed with USB ports
It tends to fall off the socket if tugged

Tripp Lite Isobar 2 Outlet Surge Protector

To protect your treadmill from power spikes, you can get this suppressor by Tripp Lite. It’s another product by this brand on our list that promises to provide top-quality service to its user.

This protector comes with two outlets that keep your electronic devices safe from electrical overloads and other dangerous damages. So, if you want to increase your electronics’ longevity, you should get this one for your household.

As this premium-grade surge protection is designed with metal housing, you can expect top-tier efficiency from this product. It has a high Joule rating which will ensure better safety for your devices, and that’s the kind of service we expect from this suppressor.

This is a metal tap surge protector that is designed with a convenient size. So, it will be easier for you to install this product anywhere effortlessly. The package also includes optional hardware, which will aid you in the permanent mounting of this protector.

In addition to all, this protector is exceptionally portable and has reliable one-outlet AC line surge suppression. It also has nose filters that will protect against outside interference. And the isolated filter blanks will keep the devices safe from internal interference.

The metal housing of this product is entirely fire-resistant, so your house will be well-protected. Moreover, the construction is super durable; hence, you will get an exceptionally long-lasting service once you get this one.

It is also designed with LED indicators, so you will know the current state of your devices. And the most excellent feature of this product is that it comes with a fail-safe protocol to provide the ultimate security.

So, getting this one will be a wise idea, isn’t it?

Comes with a convenient design Durable and fire-resistant metal housing Advanced noise protection Direct plug-in design Offers a fail-safe protocol
A little bulky for some users

CyberPower CSB100W Essential Surge Protector


Are you looking for a simple yet highly functional surge protector for your treadmill? Well, this is the product of your dream, without any doubt!

It is designed with a single spike suppressor outlet. So, you can connect only one device at a time. And it comes with a super compact design; hence, you can install this suppressor outlet anywhere in your house!

This protector has an excellent protection rating of 900 joules. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the safety issues of your household anymore.

Additionally, it is a wall tap plug that will prevent your electronic devices from getting damaged. You can connect some sensitive machines to it if you want to maintain their top-notch condition.

This product offers one of the most reliable surge protection for your households. So, if you are scared of spikes and overloads, you can get this one for better efficiency.

As this surge suppressor acts as a safeguard for your devices during a significant power disruption, it’s one of the most popular choices you will see among the users.

 You can use it in both your home and office for a smooth experience, so if you want to keep your treadmill safe from electrical damages, you can consider getting this product for a top-tier experience.

Comes with a compact design Offers excellent portability Provides reliable power protection Easy to install Available within an affordable price range
It has only one power outlet

Tripp Lite SPIKECUBE Surge Suppression for Treadmill

This is another surge protector by Tripp Lite in our list that comes with excellent benefits for your treadmill. If you want to increase your machine’s longevity and avoid damages, you can go for this option.

As it is designed with only one outlet, you can use it for your treadmill without any hassle. It’s easy to install and built with a durable housing that will offer exceptionally long-lasting service.

Additionally, this surge suppressor has a 660-Joule rating so that you can expect a unique safety system from it. This product is one of the most incredible creations of this brand, thus earning its place on our list.

Some of you may think that 660-joule isn’t enough for your devices. Well, you are not going to use your treadmill all day long, so it won’t be causing any trouble.

The NEMA 515R AC outlet will protect your electronics from sudden power spikes, and it will prevent damages successfully. Moreover, it comes with a compact direct plug-in design; hence, you can effortlessly mount it on the wall.

As this outlet offers you the ease of portability, you can carry it around without any trouble. And it has user-friendly features, so anyone can use it in their office and homes.

Additionally, it has two LED indicators that make it more ergonomic than it already is. What else do we need within this budget?

Comes with a compact plug-in design Designed with LED indicators Minimizes the line noise Offers portability Available within an affordable price range
The unit may get overheated rarely

Belkin 12-Outlet Pivot-Plug Power Strip Surge Protector

If you are looking for a heavy-duty surge protector with multiple outlets, you should choose this one for a better experience. Let’s get to know more about this product so you can make a confident purchase.

This product is available with many outlets that will allow you to connect multiple electronic devices, including your treadmill. It also has an extra-long cord; hence, you can connect your devices around the home without complications.

As this suppressor is constructed with damage-resistant housing, you can expect a remarkably long-lasting service from it. Moreover, it is designed to filter annoying noises that will allow you to enjoy peaceful cardio sessions every time.

If you are living in a tight space, this outlet will be your next best buddy. This protector has a compact design; thus, you can install it in any corner without any struggle.

Sometimes, the long cord that comes with a power outlet gets tangled, which doesn’t look pretty at all! But this one is equipped with a clip to keep everything organized.

From your sensitive routers to a heavy-duty exercise machine, you can connect anything to this outlet. As it provides excellent protection against power overloads and sudden spikes, your devices will be perfect no matter what’s wrong with the electricity out there.

Provides heavy-duty services Comes with damage-resistant housing Reduces the line noise Sports a smart and convenient design Available with different number of outlets
It’s relatively pricey

APC Surge Protector with USB Ports

This P11U2 by APC is one of the most popular ones because of its superior efficiency. Once you get this one for your treadmill, you don’t have to worry about damaging it at all!

As it provides outstanding protection against faulty wiring situations, you can get this one to better your devices’ security. It comes with multiple spike-protected outlets that will prevent electrical damages to your electronics, which is everything you expect from this type of product.

This suppressor is designed with two USB ports, so you can connect your media devices for charging directly. It will prevent electric overloads; hence, your routers and smartphones will be in good hands.

The six-feet long power cord is designed with a 90-degree space-saving plug; thus, you can install it in the tightest spot. This product is also highly durable so that you will get long-lasting service from it.

It is a high-performance suppressor that will protect both your heavy-duty and sensitive electronics. And so, the users of this product love it to the moon and back!

One of this protector’s best features is that it is designed with sliding covers to protect the unused outlets. It’s the smallest thing that makes it unique.

So, if you are looking for an outlet that will provide top-notch protection against power overloads, you can pick this one for a delightful experience.

Highly durable construction Convenient space-saving design Comes with sliding covers to protect the outlets Suitable for both heavy-duty and sensitive electronics Easy to install
The plugs need to be pushed harder to connect

APC Surge Protector P11VNT3

It is another heavy-duty power outlet on our list that provides excellent protection against electric spikes. This P11VNT3 model by APC has a 3020-Joule rating; hence, you can expect the most memorable performance when it’s equipped with your treadmill.

As it comes with multiple outlets, you can pick this one for use in your home and office. And it is built to withstand heavyweight power surges; hence, you can get it for the most efficient damage protection.

This power strip is designed with eleven outlets, and six of them are block spaced for larger adapters. Therefore, you can connect all the devices you want without any significant problem.

The extra-long cord that comes with it is exceptionally flexible. It will rotate 180-degree, which will allow you to use it as you want. Additionally, it offers top-notch data line protection and has built-in child-safety guards.

This suppressor ensures premium-grade safety for your electronics. Hence, heavy-duty devices such as exercise machines, home theater, and other sensitive devices will stay in their top-notch condition all the time. It is also available with many outlets; thus, you can choose the most suitable one for your house.

Offers durable and heavy-duty service Provides excellent protection against power surges Comes with built-in child safety guards Multiple outlets to connect various devices Flexible extra-long cord
The protection cover tends to pop out

Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector

This is another surge-protected power strip on our list for your treadmill by Belkin. As it is a reputed brand, you will get premium-grade service from this product without any doubt.

From computers to exercise machines, this outlet is compatible with any device around your house. And thanks to its excellent features, your electronics will be well-protected all the time.

It comes with a 4000-Joule rating, so you can understand that it offers excellent value for the money. You can connect your smartphone, routers, home theater, gaming consoles, or anything you want for a constant and stable power supply.

As this suppressor is designed with damage-resistant housing, you don’t have to worry about this product’s longevity. It can withstand severe power surges, which is one of the most remarkable things about this suppressor.

Moreover, this power strip is designed with a flexible and heavy-duty cord to supply clean and reliable power. Hence, your electronics will be running all the time smoothly.

It is also designed with sliding covers for the better safety of the outlets. Additionally, the indicators will let you know that your devices are protected and alarm you if anything goes wrong.

The low-profile plugs of this strip fit into any spot. You can keep it behind the couch or cabinet without any trouble. Thanks to the one-in and one-out coaxial protection system that guards the satellite connections and cable. For which, you get clear picture and sound.

Damage-resistant housing for better durability A flexible and heavy-duty cord with an organizer Offers terrific protection against power surges Comes with sliding safety covers Easy to mount
Doesn’t come with a compact design

Tripp Lite TLP1208TELTV

Well, though it’s the last one on our list, it doesn’t mean it’s not efficient enough! This power strip by Tripp Lite is one of the fantastic products that you can get for your treadmill for smooth exercise sessions!

From diagnostic LED to high-quality AC input cord, you will find everything in this surge-protected outlet. It is designed to provide the most excellent service against electrical overload to protect your devices proficiently.

Additionally, this outlet is made with fireproof housing to prevent heinous accidents in your house. Since it’s durable, you won’t have to get your hands on a new surge protector anytime soon.

This product is the most favorite one for many consumers because it ensures minimized noise and advanced surge protection. Its surge suppressor power strip also comes with a compact design; hence, it’s more user-friendly than you think.

Moreover, it offers data line protection, which is pretty impressive. And this surge protector is available within an affordable price range. So, if you want to have it all, why don’t you keep this one on your wishlist?

Heavy-duty fireproof housing Comes with a compact design Designed with outlet safety covers Offers extra space for bulky AC adapters Boasts a built-in circuit breaker
Outlets are quite stiff at the beginning

How to Choose the Best Surge Protector for Your Treadmill – Buying Guide

Some beginners may think that surge protectors and power strips are the same things. So, they get stuck with the wrong product, and their treadmill suffers for that decision.

But you don’t have to worry about that anymore as we are here for the rescue! This buyer’s guide will help you to pick the perfect product for yourself effortlessly.

Here is the list of things you need to consider before getting a surge protector. So, keep on reading!

Joule Rating

You need to get this protector to keep your treadmill safe from damages. So, you have to get the strongest one, and you determine its strength by the Joule rating.

This rating tells you how much power the outlet can withstand to protect your devices. If the product comes with a higher joule rating, you should get that one for a better experience.

Cord VS Outlet

You will either see a corded surge suppressor or the one that fits into the wall directly. The corded ones are usually larger; hence, you can connect multiple devices at once.

By contrast, the wall outlets come with fewer plug-ins, but they are highly portable. Therefore, you need to get the one that’s suitable for your treadmill.

Automatic Shut Down System

The auto shut down feature will allow the suppressor to provide power to your devices when it’s too damaged to work. Hence, you will know when to replace the outlet for a better experience.

Indicator Lights

The indicator will let you know if the product is working correctly or not. So, you will be well-alarmed if your protector comes with this feature.

Phone and Internet Connection

Though it’s not a must-have feature, you can look for it to protect your sensitive devices from power surges.

Maintenance Tips

Here are some tips for your surge protector that will help you increase this product’s durability. So, let’s take a look at that right away.

  • Unplug the devices during natural disasters
  • Inspect your wiring regularly
  • Get one that comes with bigger spaces for large plugs
  • Check the amps of the USB ports

To maintain the top-tier condition of your surge protectors, you should get one that comes with indicators. In this way, you will be able to know if anything goes wrong with the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to get a surge protector for my treadmill?

Treadmills are vulnerable to damages because of the amount of power they draw while running. Hence, you need to get this protector to keep your machine safe from power overloads and accidents.

How many joules does a treadmill use?

At least 660 joules are perfect for your treadmills as they don’t need a continuous power supply.

How long does a surge protector last?

They usually last up to 3-5 years, depending on their construction and design.

Can I plug in my treadmill to a standard outlet?

For the sake of better protection, you shouldn’t connect your treadmill to a regular outlet.

Will my treadmill last longer with a surge protector?

Yes, as the surge protector will prevent electrical damages, your treadmill will last longer than usual.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you’ve got the best surge protector for treadmill. If you ask us, obviously, we’ll go for the Tripp Lite IBAR2-6D since it’s our first pick. And when it comes to Brand Loyalty, Tripp Lite is one of the top-rated ones, but you can also rely on CyberPower as well.

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