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M Rok is a popular Editor who has been writing online for over 10 years. He has a loyal following of readers who enjoy his...

Best Motorless Treadmill For Home or GYM

Editor at - Cialishuk

M Rok is a popular Editor who has been writing online for over 10 years. He has a loyal following of readers who enjoy his...

Editor at - Cialishuk

M Rok is a popular Editor who has been writing online for over 10 years. He has a loyal following of readers who enjoy his...

What good is a motorless treadmill if it doesn’t have a heavy-duty deck, different resistance levels, handlebar support, and flywheels? Seems ‘news’ to you?

Well, if you’ve been having a hard time dealing with your motorless treadmill, the reason’s probably that these features were missing.

Now, it’s true that high-end treadmills can cost you an arm and a leg. However, we’ve done all our research to make sure you can get the best things at the most affordable price.

We’ve gone through tons of product research, hundreds of customer reviews and here we’re with the top 6 motorless treadmills.

Top 6 Motorless Treadmill Reviews

We have made sure to scour through the internet to identify the best non motorized treadmill among all the ones you’ll come across. We couldn’t make up our mind, so here are 6 of the best.

7700 Asuna by Sunny Health and Fitness

sunny health & fitness force fitmill manual treadmill

Right off the bat, we have the 7700 Asuna by Sunny Health and Fitness. Mark our words, this is one product that will not disappoint you in any way. Ensuring that you get a fire cardio session, the 7700 Asuna is made for elite athletes.

Sporting a heavy-duty deck measuring 51 x 17.75 inches in length and width, the flywheel is designed for working out comfortably. The frame of this bad boy is sturdy, being made of high-quality steel, and it comes with handlebars.

The frame has a maximum weight limit of 440 lbs. which is great news for overweight people looking for a treadmill to lose those extra pounds. The handlebars are not something to ignore either. They are completely slip-resistant, making it easier for you to grip if you need that additional support.

You don’t want a treadmill that has a completely straight deck, a little incline is very much necessary for a good manual treadmill workout. And this baby provides that perfect incline of about 14 degrees, which seems optimum.

And on top of that, there are 8 different resistance levels to transition from slightly low intensity to higher intensity sprints. 

Another cool feature is that it has a tablet holder. Yeah, you can watch your favorite shows on your iPad while shedding some fat, making your weight loss journey more enjoyable.


  • Sturdy steel frame and flywheel makes this treadmill durable
  • 8 different resistance levels are available to provide high intensity workouts
  • Has a high weight capacity of 440 lbs. letting overweight people exercise too
  • Comes with slip-resistant handlebars that provide better grip while running


  • Rather bulky design


Overall it’s one of the best you can get for a manual treadmill because of its different resistance levels, high weight capacity, and durability. We give it a thumbs up from our end.

SF-T1407M by Sunny Health and Fitness

sunny health & fitness sf-t1407m foldable compact manual treadmill with lcd monitor

If you didn’t like the previous one because of its bulky design, you may want to check out this simpler treadmill by the same brand. The SF-T1407M by Sunny Health and Fitness should be a better pick if you want a decent foldable manual treadmill.

Being smaller than the previous one, this treadmill comes at 42 x 13 inches in size for the deck. As it is smaller, it is also more lightweight and portable. These are the kind of treadmills that you can use anywhere and carry around.

However, due to its compact size, it offers a lower weight capacity. Being able to weigh only 220 lbs. this treadmill is for the more athletic folks and not meant for overweight people trying to shed fat. Think of it more like a piece of nifty workout equipment instead of a transformation machine.

But is it durable? Of course, it is! The flywheels, handlebars, and support wheels are all made of high-quality materials and offer the perfect amount of resistance that you require.

It also comes with an LCD monitor that can, well, monitor your progress from speed, distance covered, calories burned, etc. You can rely on this curved belt manual treadmill to track your progress and keep you accountable.

While it isn’t anything overly exciting, this treadmill offers everything you need for accomplishing a decent cardio workout in the morning.


  • Sports a compact built so it doesn’t occupy a lot of space in your room
  • As it is foldable it can be carried around anywhere you want to exercise 
  • Offers decent resistance on the belt providing you a good cardio workout
  • Comes with an LCD monitor that can help you with tracking progress


  • Not meant for overweight users


As previously mentioned, it’s an alright treadmill. It does not offer anything special and is not meant for extreme weight losses, but it does ensure you get a decent cardio workout as long as you weigh below its weight limit.

100XL by Exerpeutic Manual Treadmill 

exerpeutic 100xl treadmill reviews

Next on our motorless treadmill reviews, we’ve got this one by Exerpeutic. If you thought the previous foldable one was too compact and small for your needs, this one should solve that issue. It’s neither as bulky as the first one nor as tiny as the second one.

With a deck that has an area of 50 x 29 inches, it provides you enough space to run or jog comfortably. It comes with 2 flywheels with a radius of 3 inches that provide much smoother and consistent workouts compared to single flywheel treadmills.

And to make your workouts more oriented to your legs, you can grip onto the treadmill handles and focus only on your legs. The handlebars offer additional support and help retain balance. This is exceptionally good for beginners who are not used to running on a treadmill.

If you thought the weight capacity of the previous one was too low but also don’t need as much as the first one, this should be a good middle spot. With a weight limit of 325 lbs. it is perfect for people who have gained some extra pounds but can’t be considered obese.

This bad boy is also a folding manual treadmill that can be easily transported to different spots if necessary.


  • Decent weight limit of 325 lbs. allows overweight people to exercise on it
  • Dual flywheel system offers more consistent workouts
  • Handlebars are grippy and long enough to help retain balance
  • Foldable, making it more transportable than its competitions


  • Belt seems a little flimsy and might move to one side


The decent weight capacity and a moderate amount of resistance this treadmill offers are what make it stand out. We would definitely recommend getting it.

Speedboard ProXL by SpeedFit

Motorless Treadmill speedfit speedboard pro xl review

Certain brands in the market produce better treadmills than others. And Speedfit just happens to be one of such brands. The Speedfit manual treadmill is one of those, which we just couldn’t include in this list.

If you thought the previous models were boring and too simple looking, you’re in for a treat. With a curved belt manual treadmill design, this treadmill is one of the bulkier candidates on this compilation. While it may appear a bit tacky for some people’s taste, it offers features that rival every other product on our list.

Being bulky itself, it is natural that it would have a high weight capacity. And it certainly does not disappoint in that category. This treadmill has a maximum weight limit of 400 lbs. which is great news for people with a higher weight.

It also has a large space for running and performing workouts, measuring 67 x 33 inches in length and width. Although it may sound like we are exaggerating, it contains a layout that features a wide range of up to 5000 workouts.

Speedfit sure does know how to provide the perfect manual treadmill workout with its ability to form standardized workouts for your potential. Rely on Speedfit to help you burn a massive amount of calories.


  • Has a pretty large weight capacity of 400 lbs. to support overweight people
  • Large space for the big guys to fit properly allowing them to lose weight
  • Features up to 5000 workouts standardized according to your potential
  • Unique sporty design that will go with your home gym decor


  • Very bulky and not foldable


If you’re okay with having a tremendously bulky treadmill in your home gym, this would be a perfect choice due to all its other features. This would be one of the best manual treadmills for seniors due to it being more stationary and providing extra support and balance.  

AirRunner by Assault Fitness

assault air runner Motorless Treadmill review

Do you want a treadmill that retains the bulkiness of the Speedfit one, but makes it look even better? The AirRunner is your best bet. Apart from making your home gym look cool, it offers just as many features as all the previous ones.

The AirRunner is similar to the SpeedBoard in terms of design. It features a motorless treadmill curve belted design and enhances it even further.

For its running area, you get a pretty vast space, measuring 69.9 x 32.8 inches, which is so far the largest on this list. With a larger area, bigger people can comfortably walk, run or jog on this treadmill.

Speaking of bigger people, this bad boy can handle weights up to 350 lbs. which is pretty decent in our opinion. It isn’t on par with the SpeedBoard or 7700 Asuna for this, but it doesn’t disappoint either.

It offers a maximum speed for running up to 20 miles/hour and has a belt life of about 150,000 miles roughly.

This treadmill comes with a little LCD panel to track your progress, which is something nice to have in an otherwise non-motorized treadmill.


  • Considerably decent weight capacity of 350 lbs. to support the big guys
  • With a maximum running speed of 20 mph you can expect faster sprints
  • Ensures a belt life of 150,000 miles making it more long-lasting
  • Comes with an LCD panel that allows you to monitor your progress


  • Treadmill is very bulky and heavy itself


In our opinion, this self propelled treadmill would be a great choice if you want a completely stationary option. It offers the most workout space and has a decent weight limit. And not to mention the impressive maximum running speed. Overall, it’s a yes from us!

ProGear 190 by Progear

 progear 190 Motorless treadmill instructions Treadmill

And last, but certainly not least, we have the Progear 190 manual treadmill which is arguably the simplest, most portable treadmills on this list.

If you want a portable and foldable manual treadmill that can be transported and used anywhere as a nifty piece of workout gear, this is your best bet. It has a running space of only 47 x 23 inches, and the treadmill itself weighs only 49 lbs. So, you can imagine how low its maximum weight capacity would be.

Its weight capacity is 230 lbs. only. So that means only the people who weigh less than that can use this instrument. This already limits the range and benefits of this thing.

While it is 10 pounds higher than the SF-T1407M, it is still pretty low in our opinion. Because the recommended weight limit is only 145 lbs. What this means for you is that it is not meant for weight loss purposes, but only for casual workouts.

However, the treadmill offers good workouts due to its high-quality belt, incline adjustments, and long handlebars. The handlebars are pretty grippy, offering you enough stability and helping you maintain your balance while running on the treadmill.

Oh, and it comes with a little LCD monitor too. So, it’s a decent treadmill.


  • Very small with a running area of only 47 x 23 inches making it portable
  • This treadmill is foldable and has a lightweight body of only 45 lbs.
  • Comes with reliable handlebars to support you during faster sprints
  • Great for casual workouts for people who aren’t overweight


  • Not for overweight people


Again, like the SF-T1407M, this is not meant for extreme weight losses from obesity. But if you need one for working out at home just to get your heart pumping, knock yourself out and get this bad boy!

Features to Look for Before Buying

When looking for a manual treadmill for sale, you want to pay attention to certain features more than others. Here are some things that you want to look out for before you go ahead and pay for a crappy treadmill.

Weight Capacity

There are actually two sides to this one. Depending on whether you are extremely overweight and are trying to lose that weight or if you are in okay-ish shape but want to get rid of that extra layer of fat, you would have to choose which treadmill suits you best.

If you are part of the former, get anything with a maximum weight capacity of at least 350 lbs — the more, the merrier in this case.

But if you’re in the second category, you have to get a foldable and portable option with a weight limit of roughly 200 lbs.


You can’t expect to get a good motorless treadmill that has bad resistance. It is the whole thing about this type of treadmill; it works by providing more manual resistance.

While some may offer different levels of this resistance to adjust according to your need and potential, you don’t need that feature. Yeah, sure it can be nice to have the flexibility, but most good ones already come with a standard resistance that gets the job done pretty well.

With the resistance these treadmills offer, you should expect to get a maximum running speed of up to 10 to 20 mph.

Frame and Flywheel Quality

Durability is something you want to have in literally everything in life. The same goes for treadmills, so you make sure that the build quality of the one you’re buying is good. What is considered good?

Well, the frame should be made of high-quality steel that won’t fall apart even after you are violently running on the treadmill like there’s Mike Myers behind you. Yes, it should withstand all the shakiness and, not to mention, handle your weight. But we’ve covered that already.

As for the Flywheel, it should be durable too. Most treadmills come with a single Flywheel, but we recommend getting one with the dual flywheel ones. These would provide better and more convenient running.

Bulky vs Foldable

You can choose between a bulkier, more stationary treadmill and a foldable one that can be used at any place whenever required. Both have their benefits and depend solely on your requirement.

The bulky ones are usually the ones with higher weight capacity, so it is a better option for weight loss purposes. On the other hand, the foldable and portable ones are for casual use and usually have a lower weight capacity. 

Manual Treadmill vs Electric

There is an ongoing debate about motorless treadmill vs treadmill that is motorized and electrically powered. Which is exactly better? The answer is a bit more complex than you’d expect. Both are great for different reasons.

Motorless treadmills are more for low-intensity cardio workouts and HIIT workouts. As there is no electricity involved, your physical strain is what powers it and lets you exercise.

On the other hand, you have the electric ones, which run the belt automatically allowing you to run fast and perform higher intensity steady-state cardio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are manual treadmill good?

Yes, they are pretty good options for treadmills due to the lack of the requirement for electricity.

What is the main benefit of a non-motorized treadmill?

The main benefit of a non-motorized treadmill is that you get to run or walk using your strength and endurance and don’t have to keep up with the speed of the belt. Thanks to the resistance provided by this belt, you are forced to exert more pressure while running, resulting in a good workout.

Should I get a bulky and stationary treadmill or a compact and foldable one?

This depends on your goals. If you want to lose weight, we recommend the stationary ones due to their higher weight capacity and resistance. But if you want to exercise to stay in decent shape and maintain your fitness, we recommend foldable ones. 

Are manual treadmills good for extreme weight loss?

Yes, they are great for such purposes. Particularly the ones that have a higher weight capacity and resistance.

Do you need batteries for non-motorized treadmills?

Due to the lack of motors, you don’t need any kind of electrical supply for these treadmills. You might need batteries for the LCD monitor, though.

Final Words

If all that was too much for you, just take our advice and buy either the Speedboard ProXL by SpeedFit or the SF-T1407M by Sunny Health and Fitness depending on your workout requirements and preferences. One’s bulkier and good for weight loss, the other one’s compact and portable. We hope we helped you find the right motorless treadmill for you.

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