5 Best Lubricant For Lat Pulldown

How many times you’re going to make a fool out of yourself simply by buying low-end lat pulldown lubricants? Do they even work? Nope! All those greasy lubes that don’t even protect the machine from rust can’t be your choice.

In case you get the one that suits only plastic and vinyl instead of metals, your purchase will be worthless. You don’t want that, do you?

When we’re talking about the best lubricant for lat pulldown, we aren’t talking about something typical.  We’re talking about the one that dries quickly, tolerates extreme heat and pressure, and yes, the lube needs to be waterproof as well as rust-resistant.

Now, we may not be able to help you get the all-perfect lubricant for lat pulldown, but we surely will get you something that’s perfect enough to be in your arsenal.

Just read the reviews, and we’ll help you pick.


WD-40 300012 Water Resistant Silicone Lubricant

0.8 Pounds Check Price

CRC 05074 Heavy Duty Silicone Lubricant

0.8 Pounds Check Price

Permatex 80345

1.92 ounces Check Price

CRC 03094

0.83 Pounds Check Price

CRC 03094

12.6 ounces Check Price

5 Best Lubricant for Lat Pulldown

Here, we’ve reviewed some of the top-quality lubes designed for lat pulldown. Let’s check them out the see which suits your machine most.

WD-40 300012 Water Resistant Silicone Lubricant

If you have searched for a lat pulldown machine lubricant, then the champ from WD-40 should be on your top priority list. Hands down, the drying time of this lubricant is the fastest in the market you can find!

The silicone lubricant spray works on multiple surfaces without making a mess; even it doesn’t pull any dirt at all. So, you can use this on metal, vinyl, rubber, plastic, and most importantly, on your lat pulldown machine.

Apart from that, this lubricant is perfect to use on the pulleys, valves, cables, locks, and so on. Also, it comes with the VOC fifty state compliant.

So, all you need to do is spray it through the 300012 specialists smart straw, and that’s all! It’ll work great between the 100-500°F with the 430°F flashpoint and 221°C boiling point.

Good to know, this lat pulldown lubricant is non-sticky and leaves nothing but a clear finish to the surfaces. It also prevents other parts from sticking. And needless to say, the type of material is foam.  

Thankfully, this product is waterproof, and this is one of the main reasons why most people are fond of utilizing it on their lat pulldown machines. And guess what? It also can keep moisture away from your machine, keeping it long-lasting and even better!


  • Dries out within no time
  • Works great on lat pulldown machine, metal, rubber, plastic, and vinyl
  • Equips VOC fifty state compliant
  • Works great in the higher temperature of around 100-500°F
  • Protects against rust, it’s waterproof, and leaves no stains at all
  • 11 oz bottle includes a silicone smart straw for easy applying


  • Straw leaks at times, especially if you fail to attach it properly!

CRC 05074 Heavy Duty Silicone Lubricant

So, do you want an ideal lube for any exposed surfaces to elements? Then, you have to check out this CRC heavy duty silicone spray. Basically, it is a multi-use spray for all of your different purposes.

Thankfully, if you choose this product for the lat pulldown machine maintenance, it’s possible to get your desired result. This lube targets and takes out the binding and squeaking sound that is caused by excessive friction.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the lube is best for versatile usage, and you can use it on multiple surfaces as well. So let it be the metal, non-metal, nylon, rubber, or anything else, this heavy-duty lube smoothens the surfaces quite comfortably.

The silicone lubricant has got a higher water resistivity, and the high resistive nature does the heavy work to get your job done. It protects any exposed surfaces perfectly.

Lastly, you’re getting an odorless environment while using the lubricant. On top of that, the lube can keep the residues clean and clear.


  • Reduces friction that causes the squeaky noise
  • Compatible with multiple surfaces, including non-metal, nylon, metal, etc
  • Silicone lube provides higher water resistivity
  • Odor-free lubricant that keeps the residues clear
  • 7.5 oz bottle can be used for a couple of months


  • Not the best choice for rough or harder surfaces!

Permatex 80345

It’s time to show you a perfect lube for lat pulldown machine from Permatex, which can withstand high temperature and moisture in the best way possible. Indeed, this quality makes the white lithium grease unique from others.

The lubricant reduces the friction of metal to plastic and metal to metal load-bearing. Some of the noticeable applications of the lube are hood latches, trunk latches, hatchback struts, garage doors, door hinges, lat pulldown machines, and delivery trucks.

As mentioned earlier, the lube not only makes the surfaces free of friction but also provides excellent protection against rust so that you can enjoy your workout with a smooth machine.

After using the tube of 1.5 fl. Oz, you don’t need to worry about stains or toxicity since it’s non-toxic and stainless.

The best part of the lube is that it serves all of your purposes. And guess what? This is the perfect lubricant for almost any automotive part.


  • High-quality lubricant that can withstand high temperature and moisture
  • Minimizes friction of metal to plastic and metal to metal load-bearing
  • Provides excellent performance to prevent rust
  • Leaves no stains and doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals
  • Perfect for serving all purposes and best for automotive parts


  • Smells bad!

CRC 03094

Looking for a dry graphite lube for so long? Finally, your search is going to be over as CRC presents to you this excellent lubricant for dry environmental use or where products like petroleum are forbidden.

In order to lube lat pulldown machine, this product can help you protect it from constant friction and pressure. It instantly bonds to rubber, metal, plastic, etc. that generates a repulsive force against the dirt to make the surroundings crystal clear.

Surprisingly, the lubricant can withstand extreme pressure, chemical/water force, and high temperature (up to 850°F). Also, it’s eco-friendly and doesn’t contain any chemicals that may deplete ozone layers.

Plus, it follows the rules and regulations of EPA. In fact, the performance becomes more effective after it complies with the regulations of EPA. Even the conductivity is excellent.

In general, the lubricant can be used for maintenance purposes of the conveyor belts, gaskets, transfer belts, etc. Since it dries out instantly at room temperature, it has multiple uses such as on motors, high rpm slides, lat pulldown machines, wheels, chains, gears, plant machinery, and many more.


  • Works great in dry environments where petroleum isn’t allowed
  • Protects your lat pulldown machine from friction and pressure
  • Bonds a repelling force with the materials to prevent dirt
  • Withstands extreme chemical and water pressure as well as high temperature
  • Eco-friendly as it doesn’t cause ozone depletion


  • Even though it’s dry, the lube comes out like a paint spray at times!

MWUR9 08897

Well, now we’re wrapping up the review section of the best lubricant for lat pulldown with the MWUR9 08897. One thing that you’re getting from the lubricant is excellent results.

With its assistance, it’ll be a piece of cake to eliminate the friction of the rubber. Also, it’s rust-proof, corrosion-free, and stainless because it doesn’t contain any petroleum oil that damages the fabrics.

Along with the stainless ability, the lubricant is also non-sticky. Plus, it seals the moisture out. As a result, you can easily use it in extreme conditions. Be sure to keep it at above 350°F or under minus 28°F, it won’t even degrade or freeze.

One of the main attractions of this product is that it comes in both dry and wet formulas. Also, it works great for the moving parts and prevents building up waxes, paints, glues, inks, such things.

The silicone lube can be a perfect choice to handle the harsh conditions of automotive applications. And, the lube preserves rubber, plastics, leathers, and vinyl surfaces. So overall, this 8.5 oz bottle might be the best choice for you.


  • Affordable, eliminate frictions and stop rubber squeaks
  • Lubricant is rust and corrosion free
  • It’s stainless since it’s free from petroleum oil
  • Lube seals the moisture out as it is non-sticky
  • Comes in both wet and dry conditions and best for harsh conditions


  • Unable to reach tight places since there is no straw included!

What to Look for Before Buying?

Choosing a good quality lubricant for lat pulldown isn’t that easy, especially if you don’t know what exactly you need to look for. So, try to consider the following things before you buy any lubes.

Material Compatibility

First off, you need to understand that the lubricant you’re buying supports your machine or not. These days, there is so much competition and a variety of lubricants available out there in the shop.

So, always try to purchase the lubes, which are compatible with your lat pulldown machine. If not, then you won’t be able to solve your problems.


Lubricant is used to smoothen the surface of any machine or materials, right? So, always make sure to check the product if it works correctly or not.

Applying a little bit of lube before you purchase can easily help you out. Try to check out how the lubricant works on the surfaces and select the best product for your lat pulldown machine.

Working Conditions

If you want the lubricant to work pretty well, then first you need to determine the conditions where it should be used. Then, go buying for the product that’s fit for the job.

There are tons of products out there in the market that work for various conditions.

It’s a wise decision to get something that tolerates extreme temperature and excess water pressure.

It’s also a plus to have a multi-functional lube, which can be applied to metal, plastic, and non-metal, vinyl, rubber, and many more materials.

Drying Period

It’s so annoying to wait for too long to get the lube completely dry. So when it comes down to lat pulldown lubricant, be sure to buy the one that dries within a shorter period. In this case, WD-40 300012 might be a great example. It works great on metal, plastic, lat pulldown machines, and other things.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do lubricants stop the squeaky sound?

Actually, the squeaky sound appears due to the friction. The lubricant does the job of reducing friction by smoothing the surface as much as possible.

If the lat pulldown machine you’ve got is offering too much squeaky sound, this is a clear sign that it requires a sufficient amount of lube. So, by applying it, you can keep your machine smooth for a long period of time.

Are petroleum-based lubes safe to use?

Petroleum-based lubricants can be dangerous to use, even they might also damage your fabrics. So we suggest using silicone-based lubes instead of petroleum. It’s comparatively safer and even better for fixing your cables, pulleys, pulldown machines, and so forth.

Which type of lubricant should I pick to deal with harsh weather conditions?

Hands down, silicone-based lube should be your go-to in terms of handling extreme weather conditions. Even most of the lubes based on silicone are capable of withstanding high temperatures, ensuring optimal functionality.

Our Verdict!

It doesn’t matter which lube you buy from your nearest shop; make sure you get your hands on the one that’s friendly with your lat pulldown machine. By doing so, you’ll get the maximum benefit from that!

But if you still don’t how to pick up a lubricant for lat pulldown, feel free to rely on the WD-40 300012. It’s versatile, it’s quick, it’s non-sticky, and more importantly, you can apply it to your pulldown machine without making a mess!

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