5 Best Android Launchers that You Must Try

5 Best Android Launchers that You Must Try

Do you wanna try Best Android Launchers for your smartphone?

Well, Everyone wants to use the best android launchers to make their phone well customized and with outstanding features and speed. The customization has become the core essential part of today’s smartphones.

In this post, I will tell you the top 5 best android launchers that freely available at Google Play store. The following launchers based on rating, usage, and popularity. Let’s get started

5 Best Android Launchers

1. Nova Launcher

Nova launcher

It has been around since almost the beginning of Android and dominating the market for a long time perhaps the most used Android launcher today. they make it an option that offers cleaning, customization, and performance. I am still using this launcher, due to its finest performance.

This allows you to customize it so that in this way it is totally to your liking, It has a lot of customizable features including support for touch gestures, customizing its appearance via special icon pack, themes, and much more besides you can install a special icon pack, modify the size of your desktop, and the style.

In turn, It allows you to make backup copies of the modifications you made and restores them in case you change phones. Without a doubt one of the best launchers on the Android platform. That is our clear point of view.

2. Evie Launcher

Evie launcher

Evie Launcher is a lightweight and efficient launcher for Android was born to compete with Nova. It moves very fast and smoothly beyond any doubt and also completely free, with good support, so even more optimizations and adjustments are expected to help speed up daily experience on your phone.

It offers a completely free version of the app store, so you will not have problems when using its tools. It is considered one of the most optimal and easy handlings to make it ideal for those who are not experts on this subject.

It has a search bar feature to find different elements such as apps, content recommendations, songs, movies, and more. Apart from this you can install icons and customize certain features.

Evie’s gestures improved last summer with user experience, finally allowing us to set the swipe down to “Open Notifications“. You can even back up your Evie settings and modifications directly to Google Drive.

3. Smart Launcher 5

Smart launcher 5

The smart launcher 5 is another unique way to change your Android home screen since it offers you the same as the other launchers. It is one of the best android launchers because it is a sophisticated and intelligent design that it offers, with a series of shortcuts that make it easy to access apps.

In addition, it allows you a lighter and simpler service, so in this way, it does not consume much RAM of your mobile phone while using. Like the others, you can customize it as per your liking because it is very optimized for mobile devices that do not have large storage capacity

It contains a much variety of themes to change the appearance that is by default. As well as having security features to protect applications with a password. Additionally, it’s simple, powerful, and works great. One of the best android launchers of 2020.

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4. Apex Launcher

Apex launcher

Apex is another best android launcher due to its regular update with cool features and easy customization with 9 different home screen for Android users. It has many users worldwide that they don’t have any issues while using its features.

Well, there are some competitors of Apex Smart launcher, Microsoft launcher, ADW launcher, but I liked it as compared to those. You can also hide those apps in your through apex that you wanted to hide from others, you should try Apex launcher once in your phone.

It has available thousands of cool themes that you need to download by the Internet or wifi. It also supports Both the smartphone and the tablet. In its Pro version, you get different types of gesture options, as well as the speed of the phone, which would also increase.

5. Action Launcher

Action Launcher

The app is not new by its name, in fact, it has been improved as time goes by, so much so that it was practically completely redesigned and offers unique features than you probably cant imagine. This brings with it an Android Version Pie or 9.0 feature of style Dock, and a Widgets panel is incorporated.

It also added compatibility with Google, Now through the download of another additional platform. At the same time, it brings a shortcut app drawer with search engines and applications, colors that you can customize, quick editing of the icons of a favorite one with a provided size, among other things. It is also available to the version Android 8.0 version and Google pixel 2.

The free version is a little bit limited, but with the paid version, you can modify the colors of the themes as per your choice, when doing a search it provides you more options, among other things.


The above are the top 5 best android launchers list that you must try, which will definitely increase your phone’s performance and gives a different look from others.


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