Aerobic or Anaerobic: Which Is Better For Burning Fat Through An Indoor Bike?

Aerobic or Anaerobic: Which Is Better For Burning Fat Through An Indoor Bike?

Most of the people are seen asking the same question—which is more helpful at burning fat in the long term while using an indoor bike: aerobic or anaerobic exercise? As per the modern exercise science depicts that the effects of all exercises are not the same. It all depends upon your goals, body type and your approach. The better the approach, longing your workout time and how better your metabolism yields more results for some than others.

In simpler words, you need to know the impacts of the kind of exercise you are planning to do and you should also know your body type in order to extract the best outcome.

If you wish to lose weight, this leads us to the utmost question- what is the best exercise to lose fat? A look into versus anaerobic exercise could help shed some light on how to prioritize your workouts.

Aerobic v/s Anaerobic

Aerobic v:s Anaerobic

Aerobic exercise is more like walking, running or bike riding that means you’re moving your body, breathing rate is much faster and increasing your blood flow. It’s a level of activity that you can maintain for some extra period of time

Anaerobic exercise is more like sprinting or weightlifting, it is short and intense workout activity that has your working to the Mac and it can’t be sustained for a much longer period

There are various ways that the terms aerobic and anaerobic exercise gets tossed in the air. The more formal understanding of the two revolve around the level of oxygen consumption required to perform a given activity.

  • In terms of oxygen

During aerobic exercise there is sufficient oxygen intake needed to sustain the ongoing level of activity without using additional energy from some foreign energy source.

During anaerobic exercise, the oxygen consumption is not sufficient to apply the energy demanded by your muscles. That’s why the muscles begin to break down sugars resulting in higher production of lactic acid.

  • In terms of activity

There is a much easier way to draw the line of difference between the aerobic and anaerobic exercises and it is through activity.

Aerobic exercise is a light activity that can be sustained over long periods of time, such as while jogging, running or simply walking.

While the anaerobic exercise requires a burst of activity for short periods of time, such as sprinting. 

  • In terms of fat

Both the activities burn fat, both the exercises help in boosting the rate of metabolism that last for hours after the workout. But if one really needs to produce the best results then the key is to have a workout that incorporates both.

  • In terms of endurance

Aerobic exercise increases your endurance and cardiac health while anaerobic exercise not solely helps in burning fat but also helps in gaining lean muscle mass.

Aerobic exercise, or steady cardio is done at a steady, low to moderate pace. This kind of exercise which utilizes slow-twitch muscle fibres is good for cardiovascular conditioning and improving muscular endurance.

Which is better for weight loss?

We’d say anaerobic exercise is way better for shedding fat. These exercises are performed in the form of high-intensity intervals training (HIIT) where you rotate high-intensity intervals with the recovery intervals. This is beneficial for many reasons.

Which is better for weight loss?

  • Save time- you can get in an intense workout in no time, if time is a limitation for you then HIIT session is the most appropriate option. You’ll exhaust your muscles and burn more calories than you would in the same amount of time you perform a steady cardio workout.
  • Burn more calories- through this you’ll be able to burn more calories in a specific amount of time. The harder your workout is the more calories you’ll be able to burn. HIIT will uplift your caloric expenditure than if you just walked or casually rode your bike for the same duration of time.


All things said, we lean towards anaerobic exercise when it comes to burning fat. However aerobic and anaerobic segments must be perfectly balanced to obtain the maximum benefits for your body. Each exercise comes with its own benefits. You must ensure you perform both of these with a balanced approach as anaerobic will help you develop lean muscles that burn more fat and the aerobic will instill a blend of cardio. Both are equally good and essential.

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