9 tips for creating the perfect wall design

9 tips for creating the perfect wall design

Whether living room, kitchen, hallway or bathroom: Bare walls make every room look boring and should, therefore, be spruced up with pictures & Co. You can find the best wall decoration ideas and tips to imitate here

When it comes to furnishing your own four walls, we love to order furniture, home accessories, lamps & Co. from online shops. We spend hours adding items to our virtual shopping cart and discovering loads of interior inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram at the same time. But the walls? They are often forgotten. Even two years after the last movie, they still look exactly the same in the children’s room, dining room or kitchen as they did at the beginning: white, empty, bland.

There are several reasons for this. On the one hand, furniture, textiles and decorative objects have priority – and shopping is so much fun! On the other hand, annoying drilling and painting work deter many from devoting themselves to the “wall decoration project”. But now it’s over! We will show you wonderful wall decor ideas for every room that you are guaranteed to want to imitate – even if you are not a DIY or design professional.


Wall decoration ideas: choose the right wall colour

A beautiful wall colour makes every room (whether living room, dining room or bathroom) appear more stylish. If you don’t dare to paint your bedroom, children’s room or kitchen completely colourful, you can focus on just one wall. Which wall colour is right for you? You have to decide for yourself. Our tip: Pay attention to which colours appeal to you in general – for example in fashion – and which of them would look good in your home. Of course, neutral tones such as grey, taupe or cream always work. Those who like it a little more unusual can opt for bright colours such as red, petrol blue or “Living Coral”. Design professionals can also rely on black – in this case, however, the room should not be too small, otherwise, it quickly appears cramped and smaller than it really is.


Tip for wall design: decorate walls with wallpaper

If even an eye-catching wall color is too boring for you, it is best to opt for colorful wallpaper. In 2019, wallpapers are one of the biggest trends in living – especially wallpapers with jungle motifs are on the rise as a trend Olympic.


Wall decoration ideas with picture frames

We no longer (only) place picture frames on the shelf or sideboard, but rather decorate our walls with them – preferably in the form of a trendy gallery wall, i.e. a picture wall. There are no limits to your creativity: whether classic side by side, along the centerline or according to the motto “mix and match” – whatever you like is allowed!


Wall decoration ideas: Wall design with picture strips

If you would like to have a picture wall in the bedroom, hall, living room, dining room or bathroom, but don’t want to drill as many holes in the wall, picture strips are the perfect solution. After all, several pictures, posters & Co. – ideally in different sizes – can be placed on one bar. This is how a gallery wall is easily created – and the drill does not have to be used that often.


Fairy lights immediately give your house or apartment an extra helping of cosines. They are also the perfect light source for indirect lighting. The so-called fairy lights look particularly pretty when you drape them around picture strips and frames.


Pimp walls with decorative accessories

Speaking of picture strips: These can of course not only be pimped with photos, pictures and posters, but also with decorative items. Mix it up by combining the picture frames with small plants such as cacti or succulents, decorative figures, candlesticks, souvenirs from your last vacation, a wall clock and / or a mirror. These make the picture strips look more dynamic and also give them a great individual touch.


Wall decoration with fashion accessories

In order to give your own four walls – in the truest sense of the word – a personal (and fashionable!) Touch, you don’t necessarily need a picture bar. You can also attach your fashion favourites directly to the wall: for example, hang up hats and longer chains with pretty nails made of copper.


Wall decoration ideas: decoration with wooden panels

Anyone who is not in the mood for a new colour on the wall or wallpaper can rely on wooden panels. These make the room look totally cosy and, by the way, create a little hut feeling at home – even if you live in the big city. So that the look is not too rustic, but still looks modern and contemporary, the rest of the furnishings should be Scandinavian-chic, minimalist or glamorous-elegant instead of vintage or country house-like.

Wall decoration idea for beautiful pictures, books and decorations

Above all our shelves: Instagram has over 1.4 million posts on shelfie, meaning “selfies” from pretty shelves. Books sorted by colour and stylish and perfectly arranged decorative items make every shelf a real eye-catcher. Biggest advantage: If you sit on a large shelf, you can pimp your wall without having to paint or drill it. So win-win!

Author Bio:

Umesh is a professional art product designer. I have created a wide and winsome range of murals, sculptures, pooja room door, main doors that can be used by architects and interior designers.

kalla karikalan

Umesh is a professional art product designer. I have created a wide and winsome range of murals, sculptures, pooja room doors, main doors that can be used by architects and interior designers.

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