7 Extraordinary Yoga Brands Searching for Yoga Influencers

7 Extraordinary Yoga Brands Searching for Yoga Influencers

7 Extraordinary Yoga Brands Searching for Yoga Influencers 


Yoga. Mindfulness. Remarkable retreats. I am changing teacher programs. It is motivating festivals. Rigging. What’s more, obviously the ideal tangle and essential tights. 


The amazing existence of a yoga influencer. 


Evolving lives. Inspiring individuals. What’s more, inspiring a lifestyle of wellbeing. -The changing impact of a yoga influencer. That is you, isn’t that so? On second thought, yoga influencers carry on with a truly extraordinary life—individual life improvement in addition to gaining advantages of doing what they love. 


You have the energy. You have the crowd. 


These seven groundbreaking yoga brands are searching for influencers like you to work together with: 


  • Shades of Yoga 
  • Hunger for something new 
  • Wearable Weights 
  • Manduka 
  • Maine YogaFest 
  • Nectar Stream Dress 




Yoga devotees, your next expert yoga training, program or challenge is simply YOGABODY away. Build up your vocation in yoga and procure a living by doing what you love. Gain admittance to training projects, for example, the Global Confirmation Course, Yoga Tapestry, Breath Mentor and Gravity Yoga. In-class and web-based training is accessible. 


YOGABODY has everything to kick you off – including props. With more than 4,000 affirmed teachers in 41 nations, what another place would you instead dispatch your vocation in yoga? 


Influencer Program 


Affirmed influencers will approach 1-2 paid collab openings for every month where income are affected by the commitment measurements of your yoga content. So on the off chance that you need to hit more revenue, get your commitment rates up. 


Suppose you’re about wellbeing, wellness, and health at that point tune in. To qualify, you should have an individual Instagram account with more than 10,000 devotees and an average commitment pace of 1%+. 


Apply here to turn into an influencer for YOGABODY. 


Shades of Yoga 


What to do when you have to have the profound change of a lifetime? You go to Shades of Yoga in Bali. This is the place the craft of training yoga anticipates you. This is the place an extraordinary encounter awaits you. 


Find out about having a sound body and psyche for a more useful life. Accessible courses are the 200 and 300-hour yoga teacher training. 


You’ll learn rehearses, life structures, chakras, sequencing, showing aptitudes, pre-birth yoga, seniors yoga thus significantly more. 


Influencer Program 


Is it accurate to say that you are enthusiastic about yoga? Okay, prefer to record your excursion? 


As an influencer, you have a chance to team up with Shades of Yoga to make blog content and imaginative ventures. 


What do you get? Should you be endorsed, you’ll get the 200-hour yoga teacher training esteemed at $3,000. What a chance, isn’t that so? 


Apply here to turn into an influencer for Shades of Yoga. 


Hunger for new experiences 


Starting your excursion of mindfulness couldn’t get any more rousing than with Hunger for new experiences. With many occasions over the world, Craving for something new change festivals are the place teachers, specialists, artists, and makers acquire you a mindful encounter an extraordinary retreat. 


Occasions, studios, online classes and the sky is the limit from there. Hunger for something new rouses you to locate your actual north. 


Influencer Application 


Okay, prefer to turn into a Wellspring Influencer? 


At that point, present your online life profiles with your adherent numbers and post frequencies. Additionally, let them realize for what reason you’d prefer to join their yoga influencer program. 


Apply here to turn into an influencer for Hunger for something new. 


Wearable Weights 


Do you pine for a turn up on your wellness schedule? More consume—expanded obstruction. You upgraded chiselling and conditioning. Wearable Weights is your response to consuming more calories. 


These stylish weighted pressure sleeves are adaptable and work incredible for any exercise. Accessible for arms and legs. They are quite neat looking and positively not at all like the old conventional cumbersome apparatus. Yogashq


Okay, prefer to challenge your yoga with Wearable Weights? 


Influencer Program 


Wearable Weights is looking for the best yoga influencer coordinate. 


On the off chance that you are energetic about your exercise lifestyle, you have an Instagram following of 75k+ adherents, you likewise have a nearness on Facebook, and you love Wearable Weights, at that point, this collab opportunity could be for you. 


Send them your name, age, Instagram handles, and your area to apply. They have a one month preliminary and should you make it further, you’ll get gear each quarter just as 10% commission on deals made through your connections. 


Apply here to turn into an influencer for Wearable Weights. 




Your ideal yoga tangle. Is it cross-utilitarian? Is it a hot yoga tangle? Do you need a top-notch knot? What about a towel-less hot yoga tangle? 


Better believe it, these sound phenomenal, and you can discover them all from Manduka. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which you don’t have the foggiest idea what you truly need. Well at that point, not an issue, since they’ve made it too simple for you. Necessarily take the tangle test and a couple of inquiries later you’ll find what tangle best meets your requirements. 


Influencer Program 


Do you love Manduka items and might you want to compose blog entries about them and offer them with your crowd? 


On the off chance that indeed, at that point, apply for the blogger program and you could win a commission of 15% on deals made through your connections. 


Apply here to turn into an influencer for Manduka. 


Maine YogaFest 


Consideration all yoga lovers in Portland. The one festival you can’t miss is the Maine YogaFest. Experience yoga styles and procedures in different workshops. This program, sellers, and supporters will motivate your wellbeing travel and touch off a revived portion of energy. Isn’t that precisely what you required? 


Influencer Program 


Is it accurate to say that you are a supporter of the Maine YogaFest and might you additionally want to impart this occasion to your loved ones? 


Buy your brisk riser ticket and draw in with the festival content. As their influencer, you get a 15% markdown code to impart to your yoga-adoring crowd. Furthermore, you additionally get a shirt, in addition to substantially more. 


Apply here to turn into an associate of Maine YogaFest. 


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