6 Packing Hacks to Make Travelling More Efficient

6 Packing Hacks to Make Travelling More Efficient

Packing for your next trip sounds like solving a puzzle – you have to pack your maximum vacation clothes and accessories inside your suitcase inside the minimum available space. Sounds more like a challenging task, right?  Be a smart traveler, and read below the six packing hacks, to transform your packing and traveling into a more efficient one. 


  • Check weight 


Pack efficiently, by dispersing your travel items equally inside your suitcase. It is all that matters, especially if you are planning to pack inside a bag with wheels. Pack the heavy items at the base of the suitcase and fill the space with the lighter ones. This way, you will be able to distribute the weight equally. Moreover, while at the airport lounge, parking area, or the hotel lobby, this would similarly distribute the entire load, while making the same preferably well-adjusted for rolling or staying well-secured on the car roof racks


  • Roll it up!


It is our basic instinct to fold the clothes in neat squares rather than rolling them. But to make your suitcase look elegant and spacious, roll your vacation clothes! That will make space for you to stash in other knick-knacks, which are the ‘travel necessity’ items though rolling-up your clothes might lead to creases, never worry about that. You can always carry a small foldable travel iron or hang them once inside your hotel room.


  • Packing cubes are a must.



These zip-up bags do create wonders while packing! Buy a handful of these of various sizes and start with organizing your clothes and other accessories. Divide these zipped-up packing cubes in accordance to your clothes. For instance, you can roll your lowers and pack them in one cube while using the other to wrap the rolled-up uppers. Use the medium size zippered-cube for storing your undergarments, and the small one for stacking your toiletries.  In the end, your suitcase will look neat and tidy, while you do not have to be overly stressed by rummaging through the whole lot, every time.


  • Use footwear for extra storage.


Why only the packing cubes, your shoes can do wonders too! Remember that every bit of space counts a lot concerning the packing for your next vacation. Stuff the hollows of your footwear with rolled-up socks, the charging cables, and some odds and ends in an efficient manner. And, you have been successful in managing out more space!


  • Store jewelry skilfully


Your packing is incomplete without your precious jewelry. But hoarding all of it into one single packet calls for a disaster. And, you surely will never wish the same. So, make use of your talent while packing your favorites. Put your necklaces or chains inside the straws to keep them from getting tangled. Also, to continue storing your earrings, you can use the empty mint tins or lip balm containers. In the end, you have to secure your favorites smartly. 




  • Be a light packer


And, finally, you should believe in packing light while on the move! Though the thought of light-packing is most difficult, it is more practical. It turns all the more difficult if you are planning to go for a vacation during winters. So, you have to plan meticulously. In recent times, you will get various travel-related items, like travel-towels, toilet kits, and so on. Opt for ‘mix-and-match’ clothing to be more flexible during your vacation days. Your motto should be roaming around comfortably without having aching shoulders and hands! Furthermore, you can easily avoid those extra baggage fees to most of the airlines! 

Final point

Packing can be fun and a bit tiresome, too, provided you make one. But not anymore, as the six packing hacks discussed above will be your ‘sigh of relief.’ Relax and enjoy your packing for the next trip. These hacks are surely a wonder-maker, and you will thank your stars while on the move!

Jessica Smith

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