6 Easy Ways for a Better Blog Design

6 Easy Ways for a Better Blog Design

Creating a blog post isn’t rocket science. A majority of writing aficionados, industry experts, marketers, culinary mavens, and experts from other sectors are creating blogs on a daily basis. It needs ingredients like informative & crisp content, the art of storytelling, imagery that lays impact, surplus features & plug-ins, and an easy website framework for smooth navigation. Web designing companies in India and the world work on all the specified principles on which the creation of an unblemished blog depends. Rest, it’s about brewing fresh tales & content that draws views on every post updated on the website.

Hang on, that isn’t the end. You cannot expect the blog to upsurge just by posting daily. The real game begins after the framing of the website structure. Creating content comes second on the list of breaking the ice with subscribers/followers, the first remains the set of stratagem for promoting the platform. It is indeed a tough nut to crack when it comes to assure the growth of the blog. You need to set goals to accomplish a milestone. Take at a glance at the basics mentioned below.


  1. Know Your Audience

Think like a marketer for a while. Knowing and understanding the audience is the first step to success after setting up a blogging platform. What age group you are targeting? What kind of content will be provided to them? If you’re not clear then it’s like guesswork that wouldn’t work. Every web design company in India focuses on understanding its audience before executing anything. You can understand the target audience in 2 simple steps:

  • Catch what triggers them. Once you get to know their taste, things will automatically become facile for you. Create poll posts to simplify the work. This is a sure shot solution to know who all will constitute the blog family.
  • Use forums to understand the root cause of audience interest. Using this technique, it will become simpler to track what is ticking your audience in a specified time slot.


  1. Focus on Best Efforts

When you see yourself as a winner, your prime focus remains on winning. For accomplishing the milestone, you need to follow some tactics that magnetize positive results for your blogging website. Not every web design company makes you splurge for assuring the benefit of the business. By understanding the pattern of how to win, you can achieve more in apt time. Here’s how:

  • Expand your content that brings better engagement rates. Do smart work by collecting the data of every such post that involved in the engagement of more users. If possible, expand the info by incorporating maven interviews, video tutorials, or even podcasts.
  • Make the best use of all social media platforms but invest in the chosen one. If you use Instagram & Facebook for a wider reach and Instagram brings more, then invest in it to expand the reach.


  1. Big Fishes Aren’t Worthy Every Time

A person is no less than a fool if he/she is behind the big fish every time. You shouldn’t waste time in finding bigger flaws, like lack of marketing campaign & SMO, on the website. Instead, you should hunt the minor loopholes and fix them. It will surely lay a positive impact on the blog post. Here are the basics that you should follow:

  • Always include a disclaimer so that the credibility doesn’t fade
  • Set up social media profiles for the blog for recognition
  • Create editorial calendars and add infographics
  • Add sharing buttons on the website
  • Avoid grammatical errors. A blog with such mistakes makes its look ugly
  • Schedule a backup for avoiding a meltdown
  • Include images that are relevant to the post


  1. Keep a Record of Emails

Sometimes, the target audience itself comes in your way when you begin searching for it. There are higher chances of turning prospects into followers/subscribers when your website or blog content catches their attention. When you get the Golden Chance, you should immediately accept it. In the simplest words, as a responsible blogger, you should keep a record of all emails that have shown up on the list. This is because more than 75% of people check their inboxes daily and when you compare this rate with Facebook feeds, the difference is cleared.


  1. The Visual Retreat

Ours is a digitally judgmental society where it takes less than 6 seconds to judge a website. There’s an exiguous time where people decipher images faster than text when they visit the blog platform for the first time. That’s a major reason why web design companies emphasize the addition of HQ images. Here’s what else you can do for narrating the authenticity.

  • Use online free photo editing tools. Click photos from your mobile and select some vectors from Icon Finder or FreePik. Merge and edit these elements using online free web editors.
  • If designing and basic photography isn’t your cup of tea, there are several freelancers out there. Find and grab the best bid with the freelancer who can do the tough job easily!
  • Lack of budget is not a problem. You can buy the right bunch of images from online image directories like Pixabay, Socialbrite, Shutterstock, SmugMug etc.


  1. Multiple Stages of Editing

What’s better than a normal blog? An engaging blog that captivates the reader! Something to which the reader can imbibe or relate to! What makes a blog better? Obviously, a decorated R&D on the topic, crisp information, and everything that binds the reader with the blog. You can achieve all these by reading the blog and editing it wherever you counter redundancy, tautology, and grammatical errors. Once you’re satisfied, turn to a free online grammar checking tool. Grammarly is a popular online tool that clears minor grammatical errors and checks for plagiarism.


Summarizing On a Whole

Blogs never go off the track. When you have the right ingredients for brewing the blog rightly, it will imbibe the readers automatically. It will be carved even better when you implement these 6 not-so-secret tips for improving the blog design. Every tip shared above is credited with industrial success. What are you waiting for? Get started, pals.

Ankit Gupta

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