5 tips for a better Google ranking

If you want to be found in Google’s organic search results, you can’t avoid the topic of SEO . The search engine giant looks at over 200 factors to determine the quality of a page. Using all these adjusting screws optimally is of course work for the professional and has to be done individually for the respective domain.

Nevertheless, there are a few basic tips that everyone can follow and thus make a positive contribution to their own rankings.

Our top 5 are now available:

1. One topic per page

Although Google considers the domains as a whole, the quality of each individual page is decisive for the rankings . If your pages depict different topics, these should also be clearly separated from each other. Therefore, align your page with the meta tags, headings and content on a specific topic from the start.

The times when there were hundreds of different pages for different keywords are over. Better to create a clearly structured page for a specific topic. Of course, a decision has to be made specifically in the title and also in the alignment. Select the keyword here that best represents your topic and also shows a certain demand.

2. Content is still king

It cannot be said enough. Create unique content for your topics to inspire your users. Not only Google likes a lot of information that describes a topic comprehensively. Users are also very hungry for information on certain topics and will thank you with low bounce rates and deep clicks.

One point also needs to be said. Forget rigid guidelines regarding the length of the text and the use of keywords. A text is long enough if the topic is described in all points. If there is nothing more to say, then be it. Avoid text wastes at this point – these will not be read anyway. Instead, pay attention to a nice structure with subheadings and good readability.

3. Avoids duplicates

Duplicate content has long been a thorn in the side of search engines. Nothing about that changed in 2017 and this will always remain an important point of optimization for the next few years. Regularly check what content is online and make adjustments accordingly. The check can be done very easily and without an additional tool in the in-house site query in Google search. To do this, enter the following in the search window:

You will already be shown all the pages that are in the index. A little tip on the side. The entry in robots.txt does not prevent the basic indexing. If pages should not appear in the search, either the meta tag “robots” or a canonical tag must be used.

4. Pay attention to good internal linking

Good internal linking is essential for the user and also for Google. This does not only apply to the linking via the main navigation of the page. Also use breadcrumbs. In addition to an important navigation element, these also represent additional internal links.

You can also link important pages in the content. The best part is that you are completely free in the choice of anchor texts and don’t have to be afraid of Google. However, make sure that there is a connection with the written text and that the links are made visible accordingly (so that they can be clicked).

5. Links, links, and links again

Links as a ranking factor are not dead! In reality, links are alive and well and at the same time one of the most important factors for Google. But it depends on the quality and should not be a call to buy dubious links. If you create unique content and a good user experience, then link building shouldn’t be a problem either. Many blogs and portals are still enthusiastic about guest articles and expert opinions.

At the same time, you should keep an eye on the composition of your existing link profile. Bad backlinks can come here even without your own measures and therefore a regular check and, if necessary, the devaluation of unwanted links should take place here.

Conclusion on improving the rankings on Google

Of course, SEO is a demanding discipline and has to be carried out with an individual concept for each domain. Basically, however, every website operator can also carry out points to improve visibility himself. With the above points you will definitely get one step closer to a good ranking on Google. For all further questions and optimizations, we are happy to be at your side as a partner.

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