5 Best Never to Miss Coastal Towns of Morocco

5 Best Never to Miss Coastal Towns of Morocco

The North African haven of Morocco cordially welcomes the world travelers to sway in the endless beauty of the African continent through their all-inclusive holidays to Morocco. This country allures its guest visitors with its swarthy Sahara dunes, lofty Atlas peaks, European flavored metropolises, swanky riads, bustling souks and much more than this.

However, let us tell you that Morocco is one of the three beatific countries, including France, and Spain to stand on Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts. This coastal location of the country makes it a paradise of outclass beaches and stunning water spots where every soul desires to swipe the stress away.

These Moroccan beaches of the coastal cities escort you to another laid back world of tranquility, peace and joy.

So this blog wants you to forget about Europe and take down the soul soothing coastal spots to choose anyone of them for your next water fun holidays with your own swag.

Top 5 Coastal Towns to choose for the Cheery Water Fun Breaks

Get a floppy hat, take out your goggles, wear baggy beach suit, and just let yourself loose at any of the following outstanding coastal sites with a glass of a pinacolada in hand


Agadir is also known as the beach town of Morocco for its exuberant beaches dotted over the town. It is the largest and the most developed beach town of the African territory. This world loving coastal town nestles at the heart of Atlantic belt. Agadir is the one that gives a unique Western feel with traditional Moroccan culture.

Unlike its other neighboring coastal towns, Agadir offers a fair share of modern styled cafes, restaurants and even bars and casinos.


It is another very important fishing town and a trading center of the country. Unlike others, this Moroccan city is very easy to reach and much developed one.  The visitors from all over the world prefer to stop by this Moroccan coastal location to try their hands in fishing in the town waters.

Essaouira is a beach town, internationally recognized as a top desired spot for the lively water sports like kite surfing, wind surfing and swimming.

Al- Hoceima

It is a water town located on the Mediterranean belt of the country. If you are roaming around the lofty Riffs peaks of North Morocco, then don’t miss a laid back time on the isolated and picturesque beaches of Al-Hoceima . It is also known as one of safest and cleanest towns amidst Riff peaks.

You can also enjoy the historic and enchanted colonial buildings of the towns, if you don’t want to stay at its beaches.


Book your all-inclusive holidays for a liveliest escape to the ‘Blue Pearl’ of Morocco named as Saidia. It is located at the province of Berkane around the Mediterranean Sea. It is also regarded as one of the longest coastal beaches in the country. To swipe your summer sweat away, you must definitely head to this turquoise water spot to immerse yourself in the cool and calm ambience of this Moroccan coastal place.

After having all the perky water sports, take rest in the super swanky and ultra-modern Iberostar Saidia on the Sea front.


If you find yourself on the western side of Morocco on the Atlantic belt, then stop by a super serene fishing port, Safi. Unlike its fellow beach towns, it is a smaller beach town of the country.  If you want a silent and undisturbed time, away from the worldly noises, then land your feet on this tranquil beach town of Safi.

Just walking at a stone’s throw from the town, you can go for an evening stroll to admire the traditional handmade crafts of expert craftsmen.  See and admire their beautifully hand carved vases, plates,  and other pottery items.

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