3 Ways How CBD Can Boost Your Immune System

The benefits of CBD products cannot be stressed enough. It has proved to be a tremendous medical improvement in treating various ailments of the body. There are many forms of CBD products like capsules, E-juice for E-cigarettes, and hemp tea.

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Origin of CBD:

CBD originally means Cannabidiol that is derived from the Cannabis plant. It grows naturally in the wild and is used over many eons for the treatment of various diseases. The first-ever documented use of the CBD dates back to 2737 BC and took place in China, where people used Cannabis-infused tea for the treatment of various ailments like gout, malaria, and memory loss.


The immune system:

Day and night research goes on to reveal the hidden qualities of CBD. Besides being a famous treatment for heart and mental diseases, it also has a positive impact on the immune system. 


The immune system is responsible for protecting the body and fighting against any diseases. The system body to defend itself. It also maintains a balance of self-defense without posing any self-harm to the body. 


When the immune system does not perform up to its mark, it means that the immune system is weakened, which leads to autoimmunity. This creates an attack on the healthy tissues and thus, resulting in autoimmune diseases like cancer, allergies, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, and other inflammatory conditions.


The effects of CBD on the immune system:

Surprisingly for most people, Cannabinoids are available in many systems of the body. These are called endocannabinoids, and the immune system works optimally based on the functions performed by these cannabinoids. 


Sufficient research has not been done to study the relation of the endocannabinoid system with the immune system. Yet, we know that cannabinoids like CBD can help in reducing the autoimmune responses and the inflammatory responses of the body, which are the major reason for cancer, sclerosis, and HIV.


How CBD interacts with the immune system:

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Research reveals that CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties that can be useful in suppressing the immune system by reducing the inflammation. Inflammation is the cause behind most of the autoimmune diseases, and hence, CBD might be effective in strengthening the immune system. 


A hyperactive immune system also tends to overact when met with allergens or diseases and can even cause self-harm to the body. Recently studies have concluded that CBD can be productive while reducing the pain in patients with multiple sclerosis by improving their mobility.

There are many ways in which you can consume CBD, like CBD oils, CBD edibles, and CBD capsules. There are many ways through which CBD helps boost your immune system, and we have listed a few here.

1. Increases the natural killer cells

Scientists observed some animal subjects for the investigation of autoimmune cells. CBD oil, which is a product of CBD extracted from hemp, has exhibited properties of balancing the immune system through the reduction of activities caused by B cells, T cells, and both T cytotoxic and T helper lymphocytes subsets. CBD oils support the production of natural killer T cells. CBD also has actions of interest to people who wish to maintain healthy immunity in the liver.

2. Helps in relieving pain

For many years people have used CBD for helping in the treatment of physical pain experienced by the body. When people with arthritis started treatment mixed with CBD oil, their pain significantly reduced. This is the same when treated for multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, and others.


This is due to the property of CBD to reduce inflammation and to cause the nature of cell reproduction. For thousands of years, people have used CBD as a medicine, and the chemical components available in CBD activate certain specific receptors throughout the body to induce pharmacologic impacts. CBD can also be helpful for the treatment of cancer infused side effects.

3. Reduces Neuro-inflammatory conditions

The immune system, as we know it, has a considerable role in neurodegenerative and neuro-inflammatory effects like head injuries, cerebral ischemia, and stroke, which are conditions where the brain does not get the required blood flow to it. CBD can offer neurogenesis, which causes the promotion of new nervous tissues in the brain.



The immune system has an overall two ways in which it fights diseases, humoral immunity, and cell-mediated immunity. When the right balance is maintained between these two, the immune system’s functions remain optimal. 


A proper balance between the humoral immunity and the cell-mediated immunity is studied to be in control and kept in the right balance by the endocannabinoid system. Hence, the simulation of ECS through CBD aids in enhancing the health, responsiveness, balance, and functions of the immune system. 


Before consuming CBD to maintain the health of the immune system, one should always take the advice of a medical practitioner.


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