3 Islamic Rules for Post COVID Greeting with New Normal

3 Islamic Rules for Post COVID Greeting with New Normal

The unusual and tragic Corona shocks and aftershocks are still in front of us. Nobody has received any glad tiding since the commencement of this unfortunate year. No live on this planet Earth could ever imagine how this tiniest invisible germ can halt the whole globe.

Since the very onset of 2020, we had been receiving the bad news one after another. It was very saddening to observe the powerlessness of powerful countries before the continuing attacks of killer virus. It was very unusual feel to see every state of the globe implementing unusual decisions.

However, Alhamdulilah, it is pleasing to notice that the virus is gradually loosening its painful grip. Things are getting to new normal. Although this Eid ul Adha 2020 is going to be celebrated without Hajj, but we are hopeful that Saudi state would open the Haram doors very soon and the devotees would be able to fulfill their spiritual desire through Cheap Umrah Packages.

Although we are going to new normal, but we should never think that we are getting from Corona harm. We have to religious stick to the new normal rules to root out this anti-human illness from this planet. For this we have to incorporate the health safety measures in our lives.

These are very crucial days. We not only have to save ourselves but also protect our fellows from any probable harm from this virus’s killer effects.

This Eid ul Adha let’s take a vow to welcome this Eid ul Adha with all the standard protective measures against this germ.  It is because it is not our social responsibility but a religious duty as well. Here is what Allah (SWT) says about our duty towards our fellows

“And spend in the way of Allah and do not throw [yourselves] with your [own] hands into destruction [by refraining]. And do good; indeed, Allah loves the doers of good. “(Al Baqarah 2:195)

Now almost everywhere things are getting easier. The people have started going out with all the required protective measures. So you can also do the same and even meet with your fellows with strict social distancing. Nevertheless we strongly advise you to start (distant) socializing with the following cheery Islamic norms

Islamic Norms for Post COVID Meetings

Here are the 3 simplest Islamic norms that every one of us must follow while meeting fellows with 6 foot rule

Remain in Wudu (Ablution)

Wudu or ablution is the best spiritual shield against Coronavirus besides being a key requirement for Salah. Washing your hands and other body parts would keep you and your pals most probably safe from disease.

Say Assalaam o Alaikum with Smile

It is one of the blissful Islamic ethic that we Muslims follow and must follow to get immeasurable rewards from Allah (SWT).  If you go to see your brother/sister, avoid hugs and say Assalaam o Alaikum aloud from 2 meter distance. Send these Islamic greetings with a smile on your face.

This exemplary Islamic ethic is a beautiful sunnah of Holy Prophet as well.

Convey Sincerest Wishes

It is the decent Islamic ethic to leave your fellow with the sincerest wishes and duas. While leaving the conversation, it is suggested to say “Fi Amman il Allah” “Be in Allah’s patronage” to your fellow.

Incorporate these ethics and get immense rewards

sitara Gull

I am Sitara Gul, born Muslim, right now living in United Kingdom. My love for Islam is from childhood, I don’t see it as a religion but the way of my life. I love researching and writing. Currently, I am writing for Muslims holy Travel and they have some amazing range of Hajj & Umrah packages and Halal holidays too.

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