The service of Google Ads was launched after two years from the time Google was unveiled, becoming one of the most popular websitesin the world. The advertising platform was introduced in October 2000 titled Google Adwords; it was given a new title ‘Google Ads’in the year 2018.

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads work as a paid advertising platform and is a form of pay-per-click (PPC). In PPC, an advertiser pays for a click or an impression of an ad.

Is Google Ads beneficial?

Google Ads function in a related way to drive quality traffic to a website. It works to boost traffic on a websiteand even increases in-store visits.

It permits a user to create and share well-timed ads among the targeted audience. That, in turn, makes your business appear on the search engine results page (SERP) exactly when your potential customer is looking for a Google search or Google Maps.

Over time, it will also help in analyzing and refining these ads to reach a wider audience so your business can hit all of your paid campaign goals. The Google Ad services also allow staying in the budget; the owner can even pause or stop the spending at any time.

Why your Google Ads are not working?

Google Ads can sometimes turn into a challenge for advertisers, resulting in underperforming advertisements. Let’s look at such reasons:


Keywords work as twisting and tweaking parts of your strategy. The wring keywords will attract the wrong audience, leading tolow results and high costs. A quick keywords research should be done, and the top keywords should be adjusted to match your ads to reach your directed audience.

Extraneous Ads

The visibility of irrelevant ads will not match searcher’s intent. You won’t get enough clicks to justify your advertising costs. The headlines and ad copy should get along with keywords you’re bidding on.

Quality Score

The quality score determines the rank of an ad on a SERP. The higher the rank,the better is the visibility on the search engine. The low-quality score of an ad results in fewer clicks. Google will tell your quality score but, amending it is up to you.

Indigent landing page

The user experience after a click is significant. The landing page should be adjusted with headlines, title tags, and keywords. A user should experience continuous transition through conversions.

A Guide on Google Ad, and How To start your campaign now

If you are hesitant to start your campaign, at the end of our guide, you will be confident to test the waters of your campaign.

1.  Create an account

Setting up an account is not a hassle. All you have to do is visitthe Google Ads home page and enter your website. It is often recommended to navigate towards the dashboard; it helps in managing the campaign with more flexibility.

2. Start your campaign

After you are done creating an account, a column will appear with multiple options. Click on the‘campaign’ option; it will lead you towards an array of options for setting up a goal. The rationale of this area is to track the traffic of the site.

Different types of campaigns will be available. A search campaign is the best option to track buyers who intend to buy specific services. The display campaign serves as awareness, whereas shopping campaigns are tending to use for an e-commerce business.

If you select a “Search” campaign, you will be asked about the options you want your traffic to be tracked.

3. Describe the audience

You will now have to select the type of audience. Name your campaign now and unselect the network audience. Furthermore, put a location you want to target.

Once you click advanced search, you can target the audience by a radius. Depending on the type of campaign, you will select the audience and a preferred language.

4. Select your budget

A lot of people often get confused in this step, with simple math, you can figure out your budget. You all need to know your profit per sale and your conversion rate.

For instance, if the service cost is $100, then $50 will be your profit, and $50 will be your profit per sale. A conversion rate tells you the number of purchases occurs per visit to your site.

After calculating daily budget input, select a delivery method. The delivery method has two options that are standard and accelerated. The standard method is often recommended because it optimizes the budget in a week, whereas accelerated optimizes it in a day.

5. Demarcate your bidding strategy

Several bidding strategies are displayed, but for beginners, we choose manual cost per acquisition. As the site progress, you can lower this number to make the most of your budget.

6. Addition of extensions

The extensions are added to achieve a high click-rate. Add a full ad- description, defined services, and instant site links. The higher the click rate, the less you have to pay per click.

Add call extension too, because mobile-users generate the majority of the traffic. Do not forget to put in the phone number manually; it is a free lead.

7. Set up an Ad set:

An ad set shows a group of keywords, and a campaign often requires multiple ad sets. Find relevant keywords and the search volume to make the right choice.

8: Designed your campaign

Crafting an ad requires two 30-character-long headlines. The use of keywords is suggested in designing headlines and descriptions. For a description, 80 characters are ideal. The headlines and descriptions should grab a user’s attention.

9: Optimize your campaign

Enter your billing information and publish your campaign but,remember that the Google Ads need optimization now and then.


The stats revealed that Google received over 246 million visitors, 3.5 daily interactions, and a 700% return on investment. Therefore, to reach the targeted audience, you have to set up an account on Google Ads.

But, designing a Google Ad campaign is an art, and you have to stand out from the competition. Follow our guides to boost your traffic, and thank us later!

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