What Motivates A Person to Work on Himself?

What Motivates A Person to Work on Himself?

Why are some simply content with little, others seem to understand the deplorableness of their situation, but apart from complaints and whining, they do not show themselves in any way, do not try to do something. And still others – they take, and by a willful decision, they change something in their life. Is it due to willpower and character? Man’s discipline and complaisance? The “scale” of his dream? A clearly articulated goal?

Five or six years ago, a girl told me that she would like to lose weight, and I suggested that she start training. She thought about it but still refused. How surprised I was when recently she suddenly wrote and asked for my program! After so many years !!! She said that for several months she had been reading my blog like a book, but still wanted more. That she is ready! And she really exemplarily performed all the tasks, and changed enormously in just a couple of months! Moreover, both externally and internally! I think I’ll show you a photo of her soon.

And you know what I understood? I think I’ve found a starting point! This point of “no return”, after which a person changes once and for all, becomes the acceptance of his responsibility for everything that happens in life. For example, if you don’t know what is Kush and you blindly just take it then all that comes with it is your responsibility. Understanding that for everything that you now have, only you are responsible. You either deserve it or you allowed it. Neither parents, nor your other half, nor teachers or friends, no circumstances. Only you.

Don’t have a dream figure? Recognize that childbirth, genetics, as well as children/household/work, lack of time is not the reason. The reason is somewhere within you. Each has its own, delve into yourself, find and recognize it. This is not enough time – you are disorganized! It is not the children who interfere – it is you who are inventive and lazy! This is not bad genetics – it’s just that everyone in your family has the wrong diet and you don’t want to break your habits!

Are you dissatisfied with your relationship with your husband? Ok, so what’s the reason? By the way, you chose it yourself. Have you looked poorly? It is unlikely, rather, you could not make a person happy and yourself did not become happy next to him.
Don’t have money? This means that you cannot offer people anything useful, interesting, important!

No need to blame yourself, hate yourself. You just need to ACCEPT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

And now, when you are alone with this fact, realize it and accept it, you will no longer be able to live as before, hiding behind excuses that everything “falls from the sky” to others, and problems and circumstances interfere with you. Then you will feel an urgent need to change everything!

This post may not sound as positive as my other posts. But, this is only at first sight! What could be more life-affirming than feeling that you yourself can write your story the way you like? Probably, the only thing that is not yet subject to us is a serious illness. Therefore, take care of yourself and your loved ones and be healthy!

Harry Miller

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