10 Signs That You Need Fridge Repair

10 Signs That You Need Fridge Repair

Modern refrigerators are fairly resilient appliances and a good one can last for up to 20 years. With proper maintenance and prompt repairs, you can stretch this lifespan by a few more years as well. Look out for the signs mentioned in this article and call a repair technician to fix it. Prompt repairs limit the damage to your appliance and can reduce associated costs. Here are the 10 signs that indicate you need fridge repair in Ottawa:

  1. Energy Bill Through The Roof

Malfunctioning components can compromise an appliance’s efficiency, forcing it to work harder to maintain a good internal temperature. If the appliance has to work harder, it will consume more energy and that will show up in your utility bill. It is always a good idea to investigate unusually high energy bills, especially if your consumption hasn’t changed.

  1. Flooding Underneath the Fridge

Fridge leakage happens because of issues like clogged hoses and pipes. It can cause extensive water damage and shorten your appliance’s lifespan significantly, which is why you should call a technician for fridge repair in Ottawaimmediately. They will clear the blockage and fix any related issues quickly so you don’t have to deal with flooding.

  1. Condensation On Storage Boxes

All fridges have a gasket that keeps the cold air in and warm air out. If your gasket is old, brittle, or compromised in some way, you may see some condensation on bottles, storage boxes, and other items inside the appliance. Check the gasket for flaws and call a repair technician to replace it if needed.

  1. Spoiled Food

All food will spoil eventually, even in brand new refrigerators. However, premature decay is a cause for concern. If your food is spoiling too early, call a technician for fridge repair in Ottawa. They will inspect critical components like condensers, freezer fans, and condenser coils to determine what’s wrong.

  1. Poor Air Flow

Poor airflow is usually because of dirty condenser coils. If there’s a lot of debris, dust, or food particles on the unit, consider getting it clean. It is possible to clean it without professional assistance but trained technicians can do it efficiently and thoroughly. They understand how the condenser coil functions and how to clean it well. A technician will also check the airflow after your condenser unit is clean to see if it is working properly once again.

  1. No Ice

The freezer should always have an indoor temperature reading of 0°C. If the temperature rises above this level or doesn’t stay constant, you won’t get any ice in your ice tray. This can happen if you have a blocked condenser tube or malfunctioning raking mechanism. You can easily get this fixed by calling a technician for fridge repair in Ottawa. They can repair the problem in a single visit.

  1. Frost in the Frost-Free Freezer

Modern refrigerators have a defrost mechanism that ensures your freezer doesn’t have any frost or ice accumulation. Don’t try to remove the ice because it can cause extensive damage to your appliance. Call a technician for fridge repair in Ottawa.They will assess your unit and repair the malfunctioning component. Once the defrosting mechanism is up and running, the accumulated frost will melt away naturally.

  1. Loud Humming or Vibrating Noises

All refrigerators emit a low-level humming or vibration noise but the sound is barely noticeable. A loud humming or vibrating noise is a sign of malfunction and you need to call a technician to fix it. A fridge may also emit a loud banging noise if the condenser fan is covered in lint or debris. A qualified technician can easily clean and repair your appliance to reduce all of these noises.

  1. Excessive Heat From The Compressor

A refrigerator unit’s sides can get warm, especially during summer if you don’t have the air conditioning on. However, excessive heat is a sign of an overworking condenser unit. Don’t delay and call a technician for a fridge repair in Ottawaimmediately if you notice this problem. Excessive heat can ruin your appliance or shorten its lifespan considerably.

  1. Fridge Doesn’t Work

Check your power supply if the fridge has stopped working completely. You may need to change the switchboard or replace the plug. Call a repair technician if the power supply is working properly. They will carry out a comprehensive examination to see what’s wrong with your appliance before recommending repairs.

If your appliance is too old and needs repair too often, consider replacing it. A technician will tell you if you need replacement or fridge repair in Ottawa. Experts recommend getting a replacement if the cost of repair is more than 50% the cost of buying a new fridge. Sometimes replacement is more affordable and convenient but it is a good idea to ask an experienced technician for some advice first.

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