10 places in Vietnam that are a feast to the eyes

10 places in Vietnam that are a feast to the eyes

Vietnam is growing to become one of the world’s top holiday destinations and attracts a million tourists every year through its endless natural beauty. From homing pristine beaches, huge mountains, lush rice terraces to having great ancient history and diverse culture, Vietnam has been winning the hearts of many. A land that has something for everyone from the little ones to adults and diverse options which will always keep you engaged. So, let’s go on a virtual tour to the top 10 of beautiful in Vietnam which should definitely be a part of your Vietnam tour package

1. Đà Lạt

Snuggled in the austral highland of the country, the charming Đà Lạt is a delightful break from the south’s tropical climate. Excellent temperature, chilly breeze and not the forget the impressive surroundings make Đà Lạt a must-see destination. You can take a direct flight from Saigon or opt for a 5- 8-hour bus journey (based on traffic, of course).

2. Cát Bà Island

Cát Bà Island is located on the southeastern corner of Vietnam’s iconic Ha Long Bay and has been voted the top pick by many travellers. White sand beaches, clear waters, and dense forests make this place very attractive especially during peak season, for a crowd-free experience try and schedule your trip between the months June-August. 

3. Da Nang

Da Nang is Vietnam’s third-largest town and is located nearly 30 km north of Hoi An and a great city to explore. Like any other seaside Vietnamese city, Da Nang’s crystal clear white sand beaches are a must-visit for all the beach lovers. For the party freaks, you might not want to miss out on its vibrant and fabulous nightlife. When here, do pay a visit to the Dragon Bridge on one of the nights to see the long illuminated bridge and the incredible city views from there. 

4. Hội An

Charming and colonial, Hoi An is yet another favourite pick for not only the tourists but also the Vietnam locals. This ancient city is filled with colonial structures and is a great place to take an early morning stroll when the sun is not at its peak. Colourful gardens, decorated lanterns glowing after dark, delicious food and impressive beaches await you at this dreamy spot in central Vietnam.

5. Phú Quốc

Phú Quốc island is experiencing extensive development to accommodate the recent surge of domestic and foreign visitors and is anticipated to become Asia’s top holiday stop in the following years. Phú Quốc is home to tropical jungles and charming waterfalls while the northern beaches still remain virgin and unexplored by people. 

6. Hà Giang

This northern territory shares a border with its neighbour China and homes some of the most picturesque landscapes of Vietnam. Cascading rice terraces, limestone mountains, and secret caves are the treasures of this province. Another major highlight here is the Quản Bạ pass, also known as a paradise for its scenic views of the rice terraces.

7. Sa Pa

Sa Pa is a town located in the north-west of Hoàng Liên Son Mountains and neighbouring Phang Xi Pang, Vietnam’s highest mountain. This town is home to some of Vietnam’s native tribes, such as the H’Mông people. They are extremely friendly and offer trustworthy homestays as well as take tourists for guided tours around the surrounding landscapes and hills. 

8. Mekong Delta

Popularly called Vietnam’s ‘rice bowl’, the Mekong Delta has a vast network of waterways, swamps, small islands, and rich greenery all around. Since its majorly surrounded by water, one of the main modes of transportation here is by small boats. While your visit here, you’ll have various unique stay options including a choice to stay in a charming home on the river. However, you are assured to have a fun time here be it in the lively town of Can Tho, tour around the ride paddies, or on the crocodile farm visit!

Keep your eyes wide open and stay alert on the river – many folks breed crocodiles in this area which sometimes paves way for large reptiles into the mighty Mekong.

9. Sơn Đoòng Cave

Established near Vietnam’s border with Laos, Sơn Đoòng Cave is recognised as the longest cave tunnel in the world. Stretching across a length of more than 5 k.m, this cave is deep enough to house an entire neighbourhood of the New York City. A tour around the Sơn Đoòng Cave is one of the best adventures of Vietnam.

10. Ban Gioc Waterfall

This is primarily the name for two waterfalls on the Quây Sơn River extending inside the UNESCO-recognized Cao Bang Geopark in the northeastern part. The falls mounts on the border of China and Vietnam and goes up to an impressive height of 30 meters. These falls make for a spectacular location and are one of the rare places best experienced in the monsoon months between May-October because that is when the river’s flow is at its best.

With its impressive landscapes and fun adventures, one can never get bored in Vietnam. Given the vast country and it’s diverse offerings, picking out the best sites and activities could be a little overwhelming. To make things easier, do check out some great Vietnam tour packages by trusted travel agencies like Pickyourtrail who specialise in customising vacations and can promise you a wonderful one. So get ready, Vietnam is waiting for you!

Khusboo Mehta

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