10 Examples Of Great Content Marketing With Extraordinary Results

10 Examples Of Great Content Marketing With Extraordinary Results

10 Examples of this great content marketing, actually written by Emilly Henderson. On the Digital Donut site. The material is amazing and can be an inspiration for us in reaching the online market.

So, if you sell products, services, or whatever, and do it online, then this article is perfect for you. An example of this successful content marketing, will give fresh ideas and spark creativity for your digital business.

Content marketing is a very powerful way to sell, period!

However, if you want to better understand the ‘awesomeness’ of the benefits of content marketing, please read this: What is content marketing? You may read this article first, then later read the article, or go there first, then come back here later. Just like it, Hohoho.

Creativity is very important! When shooting content marketing to an audience, you must come up with fresh ideas. To be able to attract new audiences and retain existing ones.

This article helps you to do that because 10 examples of smart content marketing have been proven to have an impact on some of the world’s big companies.

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10 Examples Of Great Content Marketing

  1. Lure The Audience To Join The Promotion – GE.

Getting your audience to join a promotion can help improve your brand with little or no cost. This is most widely used in campaigns that are displayed on popular social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Content Marketing created by users affects consumers more than any other form of marketing. Because of 55% more trust UGC (User-Generated Content).

How, ask your customers to share fun stories, while using your product, often these stories are made in the form of images and video content. An important element needed to make this work is interesting hashtags for your campaign.

Examples of companies that benefit from such marketing strategies are GE under the hashtag #GEInstaWalk campaign. The company invited fans along with Instagram media on a tour around its facilities. During this tour, participants took and shared photos which resulted in more than 3 million reaches per tour.

  1. Listen To Your Audience – AARP.

Your audience’s suggestions, comments and complaints are important for winning sales. You can modify your content to reflect this feedback and witness increased engagement.

This knowledge is not lost in the American magazine AARP, because the company’s success is based on this. Topics that appear in magazines are inspired by readers’ feedback. This magazine has is one of the media with the largest number of readers, from 40 million people in the US.

  1. Utilizing Blogging Tools – HubSpot.

Some companies use this content strategy to follow Hubspot. Blogs are amazing tools for building your market strategy. They help companies improve SEO efficiency and also function as a platform to build consumer loyalty. Hubspot uses the following marketing strategies:

  • Post features on his blog that can connect with the audience.
  • Create a way to advertise affiliations and certifications with “Inbound”.
  • Traffic channel from LinkedIn to its Facebook video.
  1. Attract The Audience Through Personalization – Coke.

Some businesses use this technique to increase business engagement today. Actually, that is the business strategy used by Coke companies in the ” Share a Coke ” viral campaign.

The concept centres around the company writing common names on soda bottles along with a piece of writing that urges consumers to share a coke with someone who uses the printed name.

What began as a marketing tool in Australia soon became a global phenomenon, because everyone wanted to have a bottle with their name on it.

  1. Take Advantage Of High-Quality Images – Rolex.

High-resolution images exude quality and class. This is an effective strategy used by most large companies, especially when campaigning on social media platforms because, in the world of social media, image quality is everything. About 80% of marketers use visual usage in social marketing.

Despite being a household, the Rolex brand continues to follow its reputation for class and quality by using stunning visuals on its social media accounts. A successful step, no doubt because their Facebook and Instagram accounts each have more than 7 million and 10 million followers.

  1. Create Content That Resonates With Your Audience – Velcro.

Sometimes during the content marketing process, your brand doesn’t have to be the main focus.

Subjects can be centred around elements that will resonate with the audience. Humour is often the first choice for most brands, as is the case with the Velcro brand.

The company makes a light two-part viral video about competition and trademarks. Audiences like videos and help improve the company’s position as a household name.

  1. Tell An Interesting Story – Microsoft.

One popular content marketing trend is the use of stories. People are drawn to interesting stories and Microsoft’s multi-billion dollar technology company knows this.

A visit to a company blog will immerse you in stories ranging from employees to the brand itself. It will show that telling interesting and fun stories can help improve your connection with your audience.

  1. Knock The Trend – Hootsuite.

Creating with trends in modern pop culture is an excellent marketing strategy. Although you need to make sure it doesn’t appear as forced and appear as natural as possible.

Hootsuite reflects this in the most successful branded content ever. They made a one and a half minute video on YouTube and used popular culture references for the title. With titles like “A Game of Social Thrones,” people don’t need to guess twice about the source of their inspiration.


  1. Discuss The Problem – Superdrug.

Sometimes discussing issues that affect the general public or creating awareness about it can be an effective way to market your content. Superdrug takes this route while trying to create awareness about body image problems.

The company has 18 female designers from various countries, to model photoshop that suits the general perception of their beauty. The final products differ from each other and establish the fact that there is no such thing as an ideal body template. After this, the brand publishes its findings on Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post.

The story went viral and was featured in leading media brands such as the New York Times. Traffic statistics stand on more than 700,000 views in five days, one million shares, and more than three million views on the original post. The brand also has celebrity endorsements, with actress Sofia Vergara in between.

  1. Utilizing Influencers – Olay.

An influencer is a group of selected individuals who are in control of your audience. They are great for breaking up marketing campaigns on social media with a buzz.

Olay cosmetics brand uses this marketing strategy in the “#FaceAnything” campaign. Olay shared videos of 9 female influencers who talked about their challenges on Instagram. After that, involvement on social media platforms skyrocketed.


To identify the right content marketing strategy, understanding your audience is the key to success. Try to provide solutions to their problems and listen to their voices. After that, you can easily identify the most effective marketing methods for maximum engagement. The examples of content marketing that have been reviewed can help guide you through the success process.

Sharad Saxena

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